NH State Rep. Tells Gun Grabbers He Will Carry In State House NO MATTER WHAT – Gives Dangerous ‘Crazy Nuts’ One Simple Warning

New Hampshire State Rep. NH State Rep. John Burt (R-Goffstown) says he will carry his handgun in the State House whether rules allow it or not.

Manchester Ink reports Burt’s announcement of intent to carry comes after Democrats took control of the state’s legislature and passed a rule barring anyone other than law enforcement from being armed in the State House.

Burt described the Democrats’ rule change as “anti-gun, anti-Constitution, [and] anti-God.”

The Associated Press reports he addressed the gun control Democrats, saying, “I want to make sure every crazy nut out there that loves to go to these gun-free zones and do their killing understand one thing: I, Rep. John Burt of Goffstown, will not be a victim in my House, the people’s house, because you guys have the majority.”

Guns have been allowed in the State House prior to the Democrats’ rule change and there has not been a single incident of an accidental or reckless discharge of a firearm. A revolver was dropped on the floor by a male State Rep. in 2012 and another by a female State Rep. in 2017. Neither firearm discharged.

Via Breitbart

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