Nikki Haley Ends On A High Note – US, Israel Withdraw From Corrupt UNESCO

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Outgoing U.S. Ambassador Nikki Haley didn’t mince words in condemning UNESCO on Tuesday.

Taking to social media, Haley called the United Nation’s educational, scientific and cultural agency “corrupt,” going so far as to say it was a “cesspool.”

“UNESCO is among the most corrupt and politically biased UN agencies. Today the U.S. withdrawal from this cesspool became official. #USStrong,” Haley tweeted.

The harsh assessment coming one day after the U.S. and Israel officially quit the U.N. agency, amid concerns that the organization fosters anti-Israel bias, according to Fox News.

More from Fox News on the withdrawal:

The Trump administration filed its notice to withdraw in October 2017 from UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization), and the administration of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu followed suit.

Paris-based UNESCO, which supports various educational and cultural projects around the world, has been denounced by critics for criticizing Israel’s occupation of east Jerusalem, naming ancient Jewish sites as Palestinian heritage sites and granting full membership to Palestine in 2011.


Israel Ambassador to the UN Danny Danon told the Jerusalem Post that UNESCO is manipulated by enemies of the Jewish state.

“UNESCO is a body that continually rewrites history, including by erasing the Jewish connection to Jerusalem,” Danon said.

“Israel will not be a member of an organization whose goal is to deliberately act against us, and that has become a tool manipulated by Israel’s enemies,” he added.

The UN organization was co-founded by the U.S. after World War II to foster peace, Fox News noted, but Washington and the Israeli government stopped paying dues in 2011 after Palestine was voted in as a member state.

In her last speech at the UN, Haley commented on the inherent bias against Israel.

“Ladies and gentlemen, last Friday the General Assembly approved six resolutions condemning Israel in a single day. Six,” Haley said. “In an average year, the UN votes against Israel 20 times. Over the years, the UN has voted to condemn Israel over 500 times. That’s what an ordinary day at the UN looks like.”

Haley’s tweet was well received online and her penchant for telling the unvarnished truth has more than one follower looking ahead to 2024 as the year Haley is elected as the first woman president of the United States.

Here’s a quick sampling of the responses from Twitter:


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