WATCH: This Brilliant Video Tastefully Mocks Liberals And Their Retroactive Social Media Outrage

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Twitter outrage had the best year ever. Never doubt that a small group of idiots with the same stupid opinion can change the world. Or get you fired. The most powerful group in 2018 was any five random people all upset at the same old comments. Especially if those comments came from a comedian (see SJWs Coming After Chris Rock, Ricky Gervais for a 2011 Clip and There’s a New Poll on Kevin Hart. Leftists Won’t Like the Results.).

But comedians are easy targets. What if this happened to people working normal jobs? Like a graphic designer. YouTuber Lewis Spears takes a hysterical look.

Obviously, this is a satirical look at a ridiculous topic. Except these days nothing stays satirical for long. What people joke about today are what leftists are upset about tomorrow. Say this graphic designer got into an argument with someone on Twitter. If that graphic designer also liked a Steven Crowder tweet or Donald Trump meme over the years, the leftist douche he’s in an argument with digs it up and could threaten the person, leading to their firing. Or send it to BuzzFeed, who then goes right to the person’s employer.

Five people being upset on Twitter is already forcing people to cave to the outrage mob. But it’s really simple to change course. Five simple words: “I don’t give a s***.” More people have to say that when people whine about something they saw on social media. Especially something from 5-10 years ago. Remember, if you’re not wrong, don’t apologize. Read Dear Victims of Internet Outrage Mobs: NEVER Apologize!

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