Media Feigns ‘Surprise’ When Planned Parenthood’s Horrible Treatment Of Pregnant Employees Is Exposed

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In Friday’s episode of The Michael Knowles Show, Michael talks about a report about Planned Parenthood mistreating pregnant employees.

“The New York Times has a bombshell report out that Planned Parenthood is accused of mistreating pregnant employees. Now, this should not come as a surprise to anybody who has any sense of humor whatsoever. This is what they write: ‘Employers that champion women face accusations of discrimination against their pregnant workers showing how widespread the problem is in American workplaces.,” Knowles said.

“You’ve got an organization that exists singularly, simply to end pregnancies and kill babies, and The New York Times is shocked that that agency, that organization would not treat pregnant women with respect,” Knowles said. “They’re shocked, this is such a contradiction to them because they don’t see the contradiction and the paradox of abortion. It goes on:‘Planned Parenthood, which has been accused of sidelining, ousting, or otherwise handicapping pregnant employees, according to interviews with more than a dozen current or former employees.’”

Knowles broke down the false statistics claiming Planned Parenthood’s abortion procedures only make up 3% of their services when it is more likely over 90%.

“The organization exists to end pregnancies,” he said.

“This story exposes just one contradiction of abortion which I want to talk about. If pregnancy doesn’t matter, if pregnancy is just like getting your appendix inflamed, then why does special treatment of pregnant women matter so much? If the unborn baby is insignificant, then why is pregnancy so significant? Why is this such a big issue? We talk about maternity leave as a national issue.”

“Ivanka Trump tried to make this into a national issue. The New York Times is making it a national issue. Why? If the pregnancy is nothing, if it’s just a little inconvenience that can be whipped away with no greater care than if you’re cutting your fingernails, then why is the pregnancy so significant. It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.”


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