Rep. Jim Jordan BLASTS James Comey’s Arrogance – He ‘Thinks the Rules Don’t Apply to Him’

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GOP Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio said former FBI Director James Comey “thinks the rules don’t apply to him,” on “Fox & Friends” Monday.

Comey will reappear before Congress Monday to face more questions about his handling of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s email scandal and his involvement in the Russia investigation.

“We hope he actually answers some questions today. Last time, 245 times he said he didn’t know, couldn’t remember. So we hope he answers more questions,” Jordan said.

“I think I’m going to ask him about the Comey memos,” he added.

“He did seven different memos back when he was meeting with the president, meeting with the chief of staff.”

“So I’m going to ask him about questions about those things he wrote in there.”

“I think this is important to understand, for him it’s all about Jim Comey. And he thinks the rules don’t apply to him.”

Jordan said he believes Comey botched both investigations into Trump and Clinton and claimed the former FBI director only cares about himself.

“We’re more focused on the Russia investigation. You have to look at the contrast, how he handled one versus the other,” he said, adding:

Think about this fundamental thing. Remember he called the Clinton investigation “a mater” and yet seven different times in the Comey memos when he’s talking about President (Donald) Trump and his interactions with the president, he references the fact President Trump wasn’t under investigation and he wouldn’t say that though. He allowed the country to think that he was. In one situation Clinton is under investigation, he calls it “a matter.” In another situation President Trump isn’t under investigation, but he allows the country to believe that he is.

“It’s all about Jim Comey and I think he mishandled both investigations all the way through,” Jordan concluded.

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