WATCH: Jim Jordan DEMANDS Congress DO THEIR JOB And Stand With Trump On Border Funding

Monday on “Fox & Friends,” House Freedom Caucus co-founder Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) predicted there would not be a government shutdown over the $5 billion border wall funding.

Jordan was asked for a “one-word prediction” on if the government would shut down.

“No,” he replied.

Jordan shared that he thinks there will be enough votes in the House to pass the wall funding.

“This was a central theme, central promise we made the voters in 2016,” Jordan said. “Everyone knows just good common sense we should be able to secure our southern border. We need to stand firm and get that done.”

He added, “Let’s just do what we said. Everyone knows we promised a border security wall to secure our southern border. … Let’s stand with the president to get this done.”

Via Breitbart

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