Trump Crushes Two Birds With One BLISTERING Tweet, Calls Out Medias Willfulness To IGNORE Damning Evidence

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When President Donald Trump rails against the “fake news” media, he’s not just talking about the actual spreading of factually inaccurate news.

Trump is also lambasting when the establishment media deliberately doesn’t report factual news.

Case in point: Trump took to Twitter on Sunday to take the media to task over their willful ignoring of a fairly significant story.

Trump began with an attack on grossly biased media, but that soon segued into a story that the media has barely mentioned: The Justice Department’s Office of Inspector General’s revelation last week that thousands of text messages between former FBI Agent Peter Strzok and his former lover, former FBI attorney Lisa Page, had been “lost,” as The Daily Caller reported.

“A REAL scandal is the one sided coverage, hour by hour, of networks like NBC & Democrat spin machines like Saturday Night Live,” Trump began in his first tweet. “It is all nothing less than unfair news coverage and Dem commercials. Should be tested in courts, can’t be legal? Only defame & belittle! Collusion?”

Mere minutes later, Trump reinforced his “one sided coverage” narrative by bringing up the disgraced Strzok and Page. The two had engaged in an extramarital affair and were also highly critical of Trump while being involved in the FBI’s investigation of alleged “collusion” between the Trump presidential campaign and the russian government.

Suffice it to say, they had both become public targets of Trump.

“So where are all the missing Text messages between fired FBI agents Peter S and the lovely Lisa Page, his lover,” Trump wrote on Twitter. “Just reported that they have been erased and wiped clean. What an outrage as the totally compromised and conflicted Witch Hunt moves ever so slowly forward. Want them!”

To answer Trump’s question, it seems that the Office of the Inspector General may have recovered some of the “lost” text messages after all, not that the establishment media is too thrilled with reporting it.

“The Department of Justice Office of the Inspector General initiated this investigation upon being notified of a gap in text message data collection during the period December 15, 2016 through May 17, 2017, from Federal Bureau of Investigation mobile devices assigned to FBI employees Peter Strzok and Lisa Page relevant to a matter being investigated by the OIG’s Oversight and Review Division,” an Office of Inspector General’s report read.

“Specifically, the OIG’s Cyber Investigations Office was asked to attempt recovery of these missing text message for the referenced period from FBI issued mobile devices issued to Strzok and Page.

“In view of the content of many of the text messages between Strzok and Page, the OIG also asked the Special Counsel’s Office to provide the OIG the DOJ issues iPhones that had been assigned to Strzok and Page during their respective assignments to the SCO (Special Counsel’s Office).”

Considering that these text messages were sent between the 2016 election and the beginning of Robert Mueller’s investigation in May 2017, they are rather significant. Strzok and Page played key roles in an investigation that could have have far-reaching ramifications for both the government and America as a whole.

For crying out loud, the results of the Mueller investigation could lead to anything from proving that American democracy was undermined by outside agents all the way to the highly-unlikely scenario of Trump getting impeached.

The fact that anyone involved with this investigation could’ve been severely compromised should be massive news.

But leave it to the leftist media to not report on those significant findings.

And that, just as much as their factually incorrect news, is why Trump labels them as the “fake news media.”

Via WesternJournal

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