It Can’t Be MORE CLEAR – Trump Reminds Mueller Of How Wasteful His Failed Efforts Have Been With One Fiery Tweet!

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President Donald Trump on Saturday denigrated special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation of alleged collusion between his presidential campaign and Russia, saying all of Mueller’s efforts prove no collusion ever took place.

As he prepared to leave the White House Saturday to attend the Army-Navy football game, Trump elaborated on his tweet.

“On the Mueller situation, we’re very happy with what we are reading because there was no collusion whatsoever,” Trump said. “The last thing I want is help from Russia on a campaign. You should ask Hillary Clinton about Russia.”

Trump also called the Mueller investigation a “very one-sided situation but I think it’s all turning around very nicely.”

Trump earlier tweeted a comment from media figure Geraldo Rivera.

“‘This is collusion illusion, there is no smoking gun here. At this late date, after all that we have gone through, after millions have been spent, we have no Russian Collusion. There is nothing impeachable here,’” Rivera said in the comment posted by the president.

Trump’s comments come one day after Mueller released a memo in connection with the upcoming sentencing of Michael Cohen, Trump’s former personal attorney who has cooperated with the Mueller investigation.

Cohen provided “useful information” about the probe, Mueller’s team wrote.

In the document, Mueller said that Cohen was involved in conversations pertaining to possible meetings between then-candidate Trump and Russian officials, including Russian leader Vladimir Putin.

Contact between Cohen and a Russian official took place in November 2015, Mueller’s document said, according to The Hill.

As noted in The Washington Post, Cohen never followed up on the proposed meeting.

Mueller on Friday also released another document claiming former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort did not keep to the terms of his plea agreement by being in contact with the Trump administration even though he said he was not communicating with it.

Rudy Giuliani, Trump’s attorney, said the documents released Friday are a “complete exoneration of the president,” according to Fox News.

The White House dismissed Mueller’s actions in both cases.

“The government’s filings in Mr. Cohen’s case tell us nothing of value that wasn’t already known,” said White House press secretary Sarah Sanders in a statement. “Mr. Cohen has repeatedly lied and as the prosecution has pointed out to the court, Mr. Cohen is no hero.”

Sanders noted that in the Manafort filing, the case has nothing to do with Trump, because Manafort was convicted for activities that took place years before he served as Trump’s campaign manager.

“The government’s filing in Mr. Manafort’s case says absolutely nothing about the President. It says even less about collusion and is devoted almost entirely to lobbying-related issues. Once again the media is trying to create a story where there isn’t one,” her statement said.

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