It’s LIGHTS OUT For Avenatti After His Wife Cleans Out His Coffers In New High-Price Divorce Settlement!

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Michael Avenatti may not be running for president now, but he’s still going to have to be doing some fundraising — namely, to pay for his divorce settlement.

According to TMZ, documents filed in Orange County, California show that Avenatti agreed to pay his ex-wife Lisa Storie-Avenatti over $37,000 a month in child support, retroactive to the first day of this year.

That’s $454,764, a rather astounding sum. But wait, it gets worse. (Or better, depending on whether your schadenfreude toward Avenatti is sufficient.)

In terms of spousal support, he’s supposed to pay his wife $124,398 a month, again retroactive to the first day of the year. So, cough up another $1.5 million.

Then there were extra documents filed on Dec. 4, again in Orange County. This time, it was stipulated that Avenatti would pay $40,000 a month in child support. (What’s an extra $3,000, anyway?)

The documents also say that his ex-wife will be liquidating a lot of his assets. That starts with a few expensive works of art, including a Frank Gehry sculpture. Five luxury wristwatches were thrown into the deal, some of which are valued at over $50,000. Oh, and she also gets the 2017 Ferarri 488 GT Spider he was leasing, a car worth $300,000.

This isn’t the first monetary setback that Avenatti has faced in recent months, of course.

Back in October, his law firm, Eagan Avenatti, was evicted for $213,253 in back rent.

On the very same day, he was fined almost $5 million for failing to pay a former colleague.

At least on the divorce front, Avenatti was typically Avenatti-ish:

Well, at least he didn’t go with #Basta.

He also slammed those who would report the TMZ piece, because of course he did.

New lawyering standard — as long as you appear on as many cable networks as possible, you are good. No need to do any sort of actual legal work or anything like that. Because it’s all about that 2020 presidential run.

Of course, Avenatti won’t be running now (even when domestic violence allegations don’t end in a felony charge, they’re still a little difficult to beat, particularly when you’re a fringe candidate) and the networks that practically gave him a cot in the newsroom now seem to be less inclined to turn over their airtime to him.

That means he might actually have to do some actual legal work — particularly when you look at how many checks he’s going to have to write.

Via WesternJournal

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