BREAKING: Ocasio-Cortez Just Committed A SERIOUS ETHICS VIOLATION With Her Thinly-Veiled Threat To Trump Jr.!

Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez threatened to use the powers of her elected office to retaliate against Donald Trump Jr. on Friday after the president’s son posted a meme trolling her on his personal Instagram account.

“I have noticed that Junior here has a habit of posting nonsense about me whenever the Mueller investigation heats up,” Ocasio-Cortez tweeted. “Please, keep it coming Jr – it’s definitely a “very, very large brain” idea to troll a member of a body that will have subpoena power in a month.”

“Have fun!” she concluded.

Ocasio-Cortez’s tweet came in response to this Instagram post from Trump Jr.:


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It’s funny cuz it’s true!!! 🤣🇺🇸🤣🇺🇸🤣

A post shared by Donald Trump Jr. (@donaldjtrumpjr) on

Almost immediately, numerous political analysts, commentators, and pundits noted that Ocasio-Cortez’s comments likely constituted an ethics violation.

“It’s worth noting that the official House Ethics Manual explicitly prohibits the kind of threat that @Ocasio2018 just issued against @DonaldJTrumpJr for his refusal to support her political agenda,” The Federalist’s Sean Davis wrote on Twitter.

A source close to Donald Trump Jr. told The Daily Wire that they expect an ethics complaint will be filed.

Here are some of the most notable responses to Ocasio-Cortez’s tweet:

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