There Was a MASSIVE Earthquake in Alaska That Hit 7.0 on the Richter Scale

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President Donald Trump expressed support for the state of Alaska after a large earthquake rocked the state, tweeting from Argentina where he is attending the G20 summit.

From Daily Caller:

To the Great people of Alaska. You have been hit hard by a “big one.” Please follow the directions of the highly trained professionals who are there to help you. Your Federal Government will spare no expense. God Bless you ALL!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) November 30, 2018

The earthquake registered 7.0 out of 10 on the Richter scale, inflicting significant damage to infrastructure in Southcentral Alaska. Earthquakes in the region are common, with the USGS noting 14 earthquakes over 6.0 in the last 100 years.

Updated Details on Magnitude 7.0 Earthquake in Alaska

— USGS (@USGS) November 30, 2018

Police in the city of Anchorage reported major damage to local infrastructure including roads and bridges. “People went back inside after the first earthquake struck, but the 5.8 aftershock about five minutes later sent them running back into the streets,” the Associated Press noted. Videos also show roads breaking apart.

A 7.0 earthquake that rocked Anchorage, Alaska caused a roadway near the Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport to buckle and break apart.

— ABC News (@ABC) November 30, 2018

Highway exit ramp collapses

after 7.0 Anchorage, Alaska Earthquake.

Note the SUV stuck in the middle of roadway!

????#Alaska #Quake #FridayFeeling

— Tom Hall ☘ (@TomHall) November 30, 2018

The National Weather Service initially issued a tsunami warning after the earthquake, but quickly canceled it.

The Tsunami Warning in Alaska that accompanied this morning’s M7.0 earthquake has been cancelled. #Tsunami #earthquake
More information at

— NWS (@NWS) November 30, 2018

Videos taken during the earthquake show significant damage occurring inside buildings and places of work.

This is what happened on the 6th floor of the Nesbett Courthouse during the Anchorage #earthquake. Both attorneys jumped under their desks. Evacuated the building after the shaking stopped.

— Heather Hintze (@HeatherHintze) November 30, 2018


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