Liberal Pop-Star Slanders The Men And Women Selflessly Protecting Our Borders, Calls Them TERRORISTS Over Tear Gas Use

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I would like to preface this whole story with two things.

First, I will readily admit that something like musical preference is wholly subjective. One man’s favorite rap song is another man’s cacophony of trash.

Second, as a rule of thumb, I try to separate politics from entertainment. I honestly don’t care if some actor has political or ideological beliefs that I disagree with. If a movie is good, I’d still want to watch it.

With that out of the way, let me just say that I cannot stand Rihanna’s music or her ideological beliefs. One has nothing to do with the other, in my opinion, but when it all comes together in a perfect far-left storm, she becomes extra detestable.

Rihanna’s latest liberal blunder occurred on her Instagram account, where she offered a terse one-word response to the controversy about Sunday’s confrontation at San Diego’s San Ysidro Port of Entry.


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terrorism .

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She screencapped a Shaun King Instagram post, which screencapped Associated Press correspondent Chris Sherman’s tweet lamenting women and children running away from tear gas.

In response to Border Patrol agents having the audacity to defend themselves from rock-throwing migrants, Rihanna basically called her fellow Americans terrorists.

“Terrorism,” her one-word response read.

It’s no secret that Rihanna is a passionate Trump hater.

But did you know that she’s also, apparently, a flaming hypocrite as well?

When she’s not posting semi-nude photos of herself on Twitter or hocking some cosmetic product, she tries to get political by pushing her favorite anti-Trump candidates.


Notice one of the gentlemen in a photo accompanying that doomed tweet pushing for failed Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams? It’s former President Barack Obama, someone whom Rihanna apparently adores.

It’s worth pointing out because, while Rihanna clearly thinks Trump’s Border Patrol agents are terrorists, she offered no such critique of Obama’s Border Patrol.

Rihanna’s hypocrisy is absolutely rancid because in 2013, Obama’s Border Patrol agents used pepper spray against aggressive migrants in San Ysidro according to multiple outlets, including the San Diego Union-Tribune.

I would love for someone to explain what, exactly, is the difference between Obama’s San Ysidro incident and Trump’s, aside from who the sitting president was at the time.

In my humble opinion, there literally is no discernible difference.

In both cases, American Border Patrol officers had to resort to non-lethal force to turn back migrants who were throwing things at them. But in one instance, there was nary a public outcry over what happened. In the other, there has been all sorts of leftist drivel coming from the media and celebrities alike condemning Trump’s Border Patrol agents as well as the president himself.

It’s been well established that both the Hollywood elites and the liberal media love Obama. The man could run someone over in his car and they’d likely argue that the victim was planted by Trump.

But for anyone with even a shred of fairness, it should be readily apparent that there is no difference between what happened at the border 2013 and again in 2018.

Waiting for fairness from celebrities like Rihanna is probably a fool’s game.

I don’t care if your ideologies lean left or right. Hypocrisy, in all forms, should be condemned.

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