Typical Liberal! Alyssa Milano Raising $100,000 To Support Illegal Immigrant Caravan

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Far left washed up actress Alyssa Milano has launched her latest wacked out initiative; Raising $100,000 to help the “migrant caravan” of illegal alien invaders. And just in time for Thanksgiving.

The fundraising effort is hosted by democrat fundraising mechanism Act Blue. As of this writing, they’ve raised $71,000.

While Milano is Benedict Arnolding herself, she seems to ignore the problems of homelessness in the US. She’d rather give her money to non-citizens than help those in need in the US. In fact, in her home city of LA, the homeless population has surged by 75%, with an estimated 55,000 sleeping on the streets or in shelters each night in and around LA. $100,000 could help them.

Who else could use this aid? How ’bout homeless veterans. estimates there are 564,000 homeless in the US, with 57,000 of them being veterans. An estimated 380,000 children under 18 have experienced homeless that’s lasted one week or longer.

What’s more, what should be a leftist cause is the number of homeless veterans of color. EndHomelessness.orgpulled some data that shows that blacks, Asians, Natives, and bi-racial veterans are disproportionately homeless:

43.2 percent of veterans experiencing homelessness are people of color, compared with 18.4 percent of the general veteran population.

33.1 percent of veterans experiencing homelessness are African American, compared with 12.3 percent of the general veteran population

3 percent of homeless veterans are Native American or Alaska Native and 4.8 percent are multiracial, compared with 0.7 percent and 2.1 percent of the general veteran population.

White veterans are significantly less likely to be homeless. 56.8 percent of veterans experiencing homelessness are white, compared with more than 81.6 percent of the general veteran population.

All hope is not lost, as several Twitter users are skewering Milano over this PR stunt.

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