Users on The_Donald subreddit and other online forums are combing through the copious amounts of material made available in the past 24 hours. One such user, justaguy12x, has discovered a disconcerting link between a text message and wording of the now infamous James Comey exoneration of the illegal email server used by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

The implications are damning because it shows President Obama knew of the illegal email server and, despite the great risk this posed to national security, just did not care.

This also corroborates Wikileaks emails released in 2016 that also show Obama had a vested interest in covering up Hillary’s illegal and dangerous operation.

Equally scandalous is the context in which this exchange between Clinton and Obama occurred. According to Comey’s memo: “She [Hillary Clinton] also used her personal email extensively while outside the United States, including from the territory of sophisticated adversaries. That use included an email exchange with another senior government official [Barrack Obama] while Secretary Clinton was in the territory of such an adversary.”

Obama’s cover-up was meant to hide the truth of this breach from the American citizens he had sworn to serve. Instead, Hillary’s emails, complete with Top Secret and Special Access Program information (ie, those “sources and methods Schiff cries about daily”) were free for the taking by foreign powers and hostile nations.

But not to us. Not to we Americans.

You have to ask yourself if our country had been taken over by Russia or some other actor, what would that de facto leader have done differently?

Our nation was under Marxist colonial rule for eight long years.

Additional food for thought: Given the Democrats’ propensity for blaming their opponents for their crimes, we can wager good money at least one of the “sophisticated adversaries” referenced is Russia.

Via HoustonCourant

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