Wisconsin Business Believes In The Second Amendment, Gives Every Employee One AMAZING Christmas Gift

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Santa Claus will soon come to town but long before his arrival a business in Wisconsin decided to give a gun to every person they employ.

WTHR reports that the company, BenShot, makes “glassware embedded with bullets.” And company owner Ben Wolfgram said he decided to give every employee a handgun as part of his overarching goal of promoting personal safety.

The Post Sentinel reports that the majority of employees were excited about getting the guns. There were two holdouts who changed their minds after taking a firearm safety course. Thereafter they wanted the guns.

One employee, Chelsea Priest, indicated that “she felt empowered by the gift,” as she is confident it will contribute to her ability to protect herself.

Wolfgram referenced the shooting at the Middletown, Wisconsin, software company in September and noted that his company is now better prepared to repel such an attack. He said, “For us, now, we have an entire armed staff. I think that’s pretty good.”

Via Breitbart

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