Sen. Lindsey Graham Sets CORRUPT Florida Democrats ABLAZE With Fiery Twitter Storm!

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South Carolina Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham took aim at the vote count confusion taking place in Florida, tweeting on Friday that — just like during Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation process — Democrats don’t allow the law to stand in the way of the desired outcome.

Graham began his thread by quoting a tweet from current Gov. (and, for now, Senator-elect) Rick Scott about the ongoing drama along with his own assessment.

He said, “When it comes to confirming judges and counting votes, Democrats are amazingly consistent — The law is NO obstacle to the outcome they seek.”

Graham continued, saying that Florida officials casting aside election laws was no different than Senate Democrats who set aside the presumption of innocence with regard to the accusations against Kavanaugh.

He concluded by saying that it wasn’t going to work.

Broward County was still counting provisional ballots — and officials were still refusing to come forward with information regarding how many ballots were even left to be counted — over 72 hours after the polls had closed.

President Trump dubbed the act of counting votes long polls close “The Broward Effect” in a Friday afternoon tweet:

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