Jim Acosta At His WORST! Trump UNLEASHES On The Awful CNN Reporter After Seeing Him Shove A Staffer!

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President Donald Trump held a news conference Wednesday to discuss the midterm election results and how he viewed things going forward over the next two years with a split Congress.

Trump seemed fairly conciliatory and complimentary toward the presumed next Speaker of the House, current House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, and spoke of areas where he and the Democrats might be able to work together to get things accomplished.

However, once Trump had concluded his prepared remarks and began to take questions from the gathered media, things took a turn for the worse when he called on CNN reporter Jim Acosta to ask a question.

Acosta asked a series of questions about the migrant caravan in Mexico, yet refused to accept Trump’s replies and continued to engage with more shouted queries, even physically blocking and pushing away a young female White House aide who attempted to retrieve the microphone from him.

The aide approached Acosta and initially reached for the microphone, but pulled back as the reporter moved the microphone out of her reach, only to unsuccessfully reach for it once more.

She then reached out with her other hand and gained a hold on the mic, only to have Acosta use his own arm to physically block and push her away as he wrestled the mic out of her grasp and continued to speak.

The aide cast a concerned look at Trump and then knelt down to wait for Acosta to finish.

Obviously, the White House aide was not assaulted or injured in the tussle with Acosta, but the physical contact could very well constitute the crime of battery.

Aside from that, where is the uproar from the female reporters in the liberal media at the grossly misogynistic physical actions of their male colleague against a young woman trying to do her job? Will any of those female reporters call Acosta out over his behavior?

Will the liberal crowd that constantly shouts “Believe all female victims!” speak up in defense of the young aide, or is her being victimized by Acosta acceptable for partisan reasons?

Imagine for a moment that a reporter for Fox News had done the exact same thing to this aide or some other young female aide in former President Barack Obama’s White House or a hypothetical Hillary Clinton White House.

We all know the outcry would be deafening, the reporter would have been fired before the end of the day and the network as a whole — as well as all of its viewers — would be mercilessly shamed as sexist and misogynist and violent.

As for Acosta, he was rightly condemned by Trump as a “rude and terrible person” during the testy back-and-forth, especially for his behavior toward the young White House aide. You can watch the entire exchange between Acosta and Trump in real time below.

What Acosta did to the young White House aide over his refusal to relinquish the microphone that she was charged with keeping was unacceptable and should be widely condemned, but we won’t hold our breath waiting for his hypocritical liberal media colleagues to do the right thing and call him out.

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