DNC Confidence Has TANKED – Pelosi Now Refers To ‘Blue Wave’ As ‘Little Drops Of Water’

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Nancy Pelosi seems to have reduced the blue wave of Democratic victory to some “drops of water.”

The House Minority Leader couldn’t say if Democrats would win by a wave or a tsunami on Tuesday when asked by a reporter at a press conference on Capitol Hill.

But she was “confident” that all the “drops of water” would spell victory for her party.

The California Democrat told host Stephen Colbert on “The Late Show” last week that she was sure Democrats would retake the majority in the House, and repeated that her party would “win” several times.

She doubled down on her confidence in an Election day victory at the press conference though the water analogies seemed to be somewhat modified.

“You seem to express a great deal of confidence by repeatedly saying when you would win. Are you 100 percent sure of victory tonight in your mind?” Pelosi was asked.

“Yes, I am. And let me just say why,” she replied.  “As I travel, I listen to the VIPs, the volunteers in politics, all the people who are knocking on doors, making calls and the rest. And I say to them, ‘Every step you take, every door you knock, every call you make, every sign you plant, every postcard you send, all of that can make a difference.’ Because these individual races will be close.”

The Minority Leader credited the “quality of our candidates” for the “mobilization” of volunteers.

“They are inspired by our candidates and that’s why they’re getting out to vote,” Pelosi said, adding that the candidates are clear on their goals and motivations.

“They know why they are running, they know what they care about and can speak to it. They know how to communicate with their constituents as to how to represent them authentically,” she continued.

“Because of the quality of our candidates which inspires a grassroots operation, and you heard the chairman’s statistics, I feel confident we will win,” she asserted.

“It’s just the question of the size of victories,” she added. “Now, people ask me, is it a wave or tsunami? I said all of those are drops of water. These races are very close across the country. Our chairman has said that the whole election could go on 25,000 votes, 500 here, 600 there. So that’s why I say every step you take, every call you make.”

“And it will be many drops of water,” Pelosi concluded. “How many? A victory. And many more, a wave. How many more, a tsunami.”

The Democrat’s comments created plenty of entertainment on Twitter.


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