BUSTED: Project Veritas Discovers Beto O’Rourke Is The Hidden Link Helping Top Dem Leaders Aiding Illegal Immigrant Caravan

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Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer has a big, big problem.

New hidden camera footage appears to show Democratic senatorial candidate Beto O’Rourke’s team illegally using campaign funds to help organize and supply the migrant caravan currently moving through Mexico.

For Schumer and Democratic leaders, this isn’t just a problem in Texas, where O’Rourke trails his Republican opponent, Sen. Ted Cruz, by nearly 10 points.

This is a nationwide black eye — something Democrats can ill-afford just days before the critical 2018 midterm election.

The undercover video, released Friday by undercover conservative activist James O’Keefe and his Project Veritas organization, begins with Democratic campaign volunteers bragging, “It’s f**king happening!” and “I just hope nobody that’s the wrong person finds out about this!”

What don’t they want getting out?

The illegal funds and supplies the Democratic campaign is secretly funneling to supply the migrant caravan, the footage appears to show.

You can see the shocking footage here —

“The material Project Veritas Action Fund captured shows campaign workers covering up the true nature of spending of campaign funds and intentionally misreporting them,” an attorney for Project Veritas wrote in the group’s official announcement.

That’s very illegal, say critics — and could mean jail time.

“This violates the FEC’s rules against personal use and misreporting. It also violates Section 1001, making a false statement to the federal government,” the attorney wrote.

“The FEC violations impose civil penalties, including fines of up to $10,000 or 200 percent of the funds involved. Violations of Section 1001 are criminal and include imprisonment of up to five years,” he concluded.

“We could probably get away with using the [campaign] vans,” one campaign worker says in reference to driving migrants north to the border. “Nobody needs to know.”

Now they do know… will Americans vote Schumer and his pals back into power?

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