High School Teacher FORCES Students To Complete Anti-Conservative Test Questions To PASS The Class!

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There’s no shortage of examples of K-12 teachers or college professors bashing President Donald Trump and blasting conservatives.

The latest example comes from St. Augustine High School in Florida, where a student was taking an advanced English vocabulary exam and found the wording to be explicitly anti-conservative. He took a photo of the question and sent it to his mother, Reanna Parham, who spoke to WKMG News 6 about the incident.

On a list of 16 questions, which contained sentences with a blank space where a vocabulary word fit, question 7 read:

Right when it appeared the nation was becoming increasingly tolerant of alternative lifestyles, immigration, and minorities, the vocal and angry right wing forced the nation to make a complete ________, embracing bigotry, xenophobia, and sexism.

Parham’s son, Logan, who is a founding member of St. Augustine’s Republican club, told News 6 that “the words that they used seemed to be very degrading words.” He sent a photo of the question to his mother, who said she had to “read it twice.”

“I was really surprised. Shocked,” Parham said.

She then said she posted the photo to Facebook to see if anyone else agreed that the post was out of line. Many of her friends did, and shared the post themselves.

“It leads people to believe that anyone who leans toward the right – they’re a sexist or racist or a bigot,” she said. “That happens a lot of times. We hear those kinds of things. We are not, and this doesn’t help.”

A spokeswoman for the school, Christina Langston, told News 6, “The school’s administration was not aware of the content of the test specifically, and have addressed this internally,” but wouldn’t provide details on how it was being dealt with. She also said parents could call the school directly with any issues like this and that such problems could be resolved quickly.

“How many other parents have had their children come across this type of question in school, and they don’t know about it?” Parham asked.

Test questions aren’t the only way students experience anti-Trump and anti-conservative bias. For years, conservatives have been pointing out the bias in Advanced Placement (AP) U.S. history books. Just this year, conservative media pointed out how an updated AP history book included pages that “portrayed conservatives as bigots, Trump as mentally unstable, and the Black Lives Matter movement as a reasonable response to a police force acting like an ‘occupying army’ in a ‘mostly African-American town.’”

The author of the textbook, James W. Fraser, doesn’t just get political over these few pages, National Review reported, but weaves his pro-communism, anti-capitalist views throughout the book.

“Fraser believes that if only Eastern Europeans had taught communism in a less authoritarian manner, a public freed from the Soviet yoke might not have rejected communism for capitalism,” National Review wrote after quoting from the textbook. “That is, Fraser sees the turn to capitalism by Eastern Europe as an avoidable ‘tragedy’ caused by the unnecessarily harsh teaching methods of communist schools.”

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