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It’s a Slow News Day For CNN, So They Prepare a Chart Letting People Know What Is or Is Not Okay To Wear For Halloween

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CNN re-upped a flowchart from 2016 for readers on Wednesday telling them what costumes they should and should not wear this Halloween.

“Should you wear that costume for Halloween?” CNN tweeted. “Consult this flowchart.”

From Daily Caller:

The authors of the flowchart warned, “It’s a minefield out there. Before you step out in a sexy version of an otherwise normal thing, consult this handy chart.”

The CNN writers argued that “current events” costumes are acceptable but only if they do not “capitalize on a tragedy,” and implores people to stay away from sexually-charged takes on children’s characters.

Costumes that should always be avoided, the CNN writers said, are anything involving blackface or stereotypes of an ethnic group.

Olympic snowboarder Shaun White was forced to apologize on Tuesday for his “Simple Jack” Halloween costume, a take on a character from the movie “Tropic Thunder.”

Critics said the costume was insensitive because it depicted a mentally disabled character.


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