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Megyn Kelly Was Just Fired at NBC – Is She Going to Be Welcomed Back To FOX News?

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Fox News confirmed that the network was not looking to bring back former Fox News host Megyn Kelly as she negotiates her exit from NBC.

From WesternJournal:

When asked about whether there was room for Kelly, once a star of its prime-time lineup, a Fox News spokesman told USA Today that there no interest in rehiring Kelly at this time.

“We are extremely happy with our entire line-up,” the Fox News spokesperson said, USA Today reported.

Despite the controversy over Kelly’s comments, some of her former co-workers expressed public support for Kelly, saying that “she had a rocky road at NBC.”

“You know, Megyn was my colleague and a dear friend … I was very disappointed when she left Fox News,” Fox News correspondent Geraldo Rivera told USA Today. “She had a rocky road at NBC. What she said about blackface was grotesque. It was indefensible in many ways, but you know, people make mistakes.”


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