Ready For Halloween? PC Police Roll Out New List Of ‘Racist’ Decorations To Take Down Before The Big Night

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The left is on a warpath to be offended by everything — including spooky skeleton Halloween decorations.

The left-wing NPR published an article with a warning in their headline: “This Halloween: Be Careful How You ‘Hang’ Your Decorations.”

This time they are targeting hanging skeletons, if you couldn’t tell by their wordplay in the headline.

I’m not a horror fan or expert by any means, but it seems to be a common horror trope for skeletons to be hanging by a rope.

It’s one of the most generic and widely used Halloween decorations possible, just after jack-o’-lanterns and spiders — but apparently it’s now racist.

The author, Mayowa Aina, recalled growing up and seeing a lot of decorations but never realized how “racist” they are.

“But while terrifying, it never occurred to me that any of those decorations might have racist undertones,” the author wrote.

She probably never realized they were “racist” because they aren’t. The people who put up the decorations didn’t have racist intentions and the people viewing the decorations don’t perceive them as racist.

“Hanging anything with a noose conjures up a legacy that continues to haunt us today,” Aina wrote.

She cited Tananarive Due, a “black horror scholar” at the University of California, who said, “Just because it’s Halloween doesn’t mean that we can forget the visual impact of lynching imagery.”

I think it’s safe to say that nobody except for racists and people looking to be offendedperceive hanging skeleton decorations as racist lynchings.

Hangings have a history that goes far beyond the terrible lynchings of the reconstruction era.

How many “wild west” movies have had cruel judges who use hanging as a means of execution for renegade cowboys?

Even the popular movie series Pirates of the Caribbean had a hanging scene.

If you want to be safe, the author offered an alternative use for the skeleton decoration.

“She suggests using spider webs instead of rope,” Aina wrote. “You could even sit the skeleton up in a tree so it looks like someone died and decomposed while sitting in that spot.”

I think the author is trying to tell you to throw the skeleton up in a tree on a dark Halloween night so nobody can see it. If nobody can see the skeleton then nobody can get offended.

This left-wing war on Halloween is getting absurd.

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