Fox News: NO WAY We Would Take Megyn Kelly Back

According to a new report from USAToday, Fox News has shut down speculation that Megyn Kelly might return to Fox News.

From WesternJournal

Fox News confirmed that the network was not looking to bring back former Fox News host Megyn Kelly as she negotiates her exit from NBC.

When asked about whether there was room for Kelly, once a star of its prime-time lineup, a Fox News spokesman told USA Today that there no interest in rehiring Kelly at this time.

“We are extremely happy with our entire line-up,” the Fox News spokesperson said, USA Today reported.

Despite the controversy over Kelly’s comments, some of her former co-workers expressed public support for Kelly, saying that “she had a rocky road at NBC.”

“You know, Megyn was my colleague and a dear friend … I was very disappointed when she left Fox News,” Fox News correspondent Geraldo Rivera told USA Today. “She had a rocky road at NBC. What she said about blackface was grotesque. It was indefensible in many ways, but you know, people make mistakes.”

Via TruthFeed

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