UPDATE: Law Enforcement Confirm Several Of The Bombs Were ‘INCAPABLE Of Exploding’

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There has been a great deal of suspicion surrounding the suspicious packages that have been sent to Democrat leaders, and CNN.

The timing of the attacks is curious, as we approach midterms, and the Democrats were suffering greatly in the polls and losing ground in key races, thanks in large part to the #JobsNotMobs campaign and the media focus on the migrant caravan that is making its way to our border.

If you’ll recall, the media was relatively silent over recent Ricin attacks against our military, and a whole host of non-stop attacks on Trump supporters and GOP politicians for the past 2 years or more.

The media and Democrats have jumped on the “bomb threat” story and many say they’re politicizing it.

As Twitchy reported, “former New York City Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik (9/11 Top Cop) was so troubled by the way CNN was politicizing the pipe bombs sent to ‘top’ Democratic officials that he left the set and walked out on the panel he was supposed to sit on.”

Now, as we find out more about the “bombs,” it’s starting to appear as if this was less of a deadly attack,  as a number of the suspicious devices were not capable of exploding.

From Daily Wire

Some of the suspected mail bombs that were sent to Democratic officials and others in recent days were not capable of exploding, according to a new report on Thursday that cited several law enforcement officials.

“Some of the 10 suspected mail bombs addressed to high-profile Democrats and others over the last few days were flawed and not capable of exploding, while others have yet to be fully analyzed,” NBC News reported, adding that the investigators noted: “In some cases, the flaws were substantial. In others, more subtle.”

Investigators said that it was not yet clear whether the devices were “hoaxes or simply cases of bad construction.”

Via TruthFeed

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