AMAZING CHARACTER! GOP Leadership Doesn’t Hesitate To Stand Alongside Democrats In Condemning Bomb Attacks – To Bad Democrats Would Rather Stir Up Mobs

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Republican Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida echoed the voices of officials on both sides of the aisle in comments to reporters on Wednesday regarding earlier news of apparent explosive devices sent to two former presidents and other high-profile individuals.

As WSVN’s Zackary Moran reported, Rubio called the acts an attack on “all of us.”

“That’s an attack on America,” he said. “That’s terrorism.”

Rubio went on to explain that despite deep schisms between political ideologies, partisans of all stripes will join in denouncing such attacks.

“Whoever’s behind this should know that even though our politics — because we are a free people — can appear to be vibrant and divisive, if you attack one of us you’ve attacked all of us.”

He said law enforcement officers at the highest levels are working to identify potential suspects.

“I expect the federal government to bring its full weight to bear on finding who did this, arresting them, trying them and punishing them for a terrorist attack,” Rubio said.

The senator had previously condemned the acts via social media.

“Every American should be angry about these potentially explosive devices targeting U.S. political figures,” Rubio tweeted. “We should not ever tolerate terrorism against anyone. Period.”

That statement also called on the federal government to use its “full weight” to see that those behind the attacks are brought to justice.

Rubio later tweeted that an “attack on an American who happens to be a Democrat, Republican or Independent is an attack on America,” issuing a firm response to the “terrorist behind this.”

He wrote that “if you try to kill any of us you will have to face all of us.”

In addition to prominent targets including former Presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, the Florida office of Democratic U.S. Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz was evacuated after receiving a suspicious package.

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