Democrats Are NOT For American Values – One Mayor Forcing Police To Aid Illegals In Avoiding The Law!

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It’s no secret that the far-left hates the idea of secured borders and punishing illegal immigrants for crimes.

It’s not even that surprising when Democrats are more supportive of illegal immigrants than they are of disabled war veterans.

That being said, Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey’s actions in trying to help illegal immigrants genuinely took me aback.

NBC News reports that Frey is requiring Minneapolis police cars carry placards that detail immigrants’ rights in both Spanish and English.

I’ll give you a moment to pick you jaw off the floor, but this is patently absurd.

Frey’s so-called “Know-Your-ICE-Rights” placards basically amount to telling police officers to aid illegal aliens. He is telling law enforcement to help people who are actively breaking the law. No matter which you slice it, illegal immigrants are lawbreakers.

“Right now, cities have to step up and do what our federal administration and Congress won’t,” Frey said in a pretty clear dig at the Trump administration.

Frey went further in criticizing the White House.

“We will not let this lack of compassion at the highest levels of our government prevent us from doing what is right for our immigrant communities here in Minneapolis,” he wrote in a Twitter post.

“They will make it clear that you don’t have to answer questions about where you were born, your immigration status, whether you are a citizen and that you have the right to remain silent,” Frey noted.

Frey’s placards also warn illegals that “You can choose to not speak to immigration officials” while also issuing a warning that any information illegal immigrants offer may be shared with immigration officials.

Lt. Bob Kroll, president of the Police Officers Federation of Minneapolis, blasted the policy while appearing on Friday’s “Fox & Friends.”

“They refuse to accept the first word is ‘illegal.’ They’re an illegal immigrant. It’s obviously illegal to be here to begin with, and then secondly, further illegal activity is what’s led them to the back of a squad car,” Kroll said.

Kroll also brought up the very salient point about the dangers illegal immigrants can pose to citizens.

“We’re all in law enforcement together. And we just feel that it erodes the safety of our citizens,” Kroll said.

Kroll’s most important point, however, came when he insisted that people offended by this brazen policy of Frey’s needed to get out speak with their votes.

“We’re just hoping that the voters get out and, at the state level, tell the Minneapolis politicians, ‘Hey, this isn’t what we want in our state,’” Kroll added.

Frey’s actions paint a vivid picture of just how lawless the far-left has become. As an elected official, Frey swore an oath to serve his citizens. He is actively undermining that oath by helping illegal non-citizens thwart local and federal law enforcement.

It is beyond sickening.

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