‘IRANY’ – When One Of The Most Anti-Women’s Rights Countries Tells #MeToo That Hijab/Islam Would Have Kept Them ‘Safe’

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Things might have just gotten awkward for feminists touting the #MeToo movement as well as diversity.

Turns out, the movement against sexual harassment and sexual assault just got a shout-out from an unlikely source spouting a solution to the problem.

Iran’s supreme leader, Ali Khamenei, tweeted out a video Wednesday featuring his speech promoting the hijab – and using #MeToo advocates like Sen. Elizabeth Warren to make his point.

“The disaster of countless sexual assaults on Western women—including incidents leading to #Metoo campaign— and Islam’s proposal to resolve it,” the tweet is captioned.

The two-minute-plus video begins with Olympic gold medal-winning gymnast, Aly Raisman, and her testimony against Olympic team doctor, Larry Nassar, who was found guilty of molesting dozens of women and girls. The use of Raisman in the video is an interesting one for the Iranian as she is a proud Jew.

A number of “prominent Western women” were then shown in a montage describing their experiences of assault, including Warren who shared her “Me Too” story on NBC’s “Meet the Press” in 2017.

The #MeToo clips, including one mention of President Donald Trump, were interspersed with Khamenei speaking about how wearing a hijab can protect women from “deviation” – referring to getting assaulted, according to Jewish News.

“By introducing hijab, Islam has shut the door on a path that would pull women toward such deviation,” Khamenei says. “Islam does not allow this (sexual abuse or violence).”

The video ends with the caption: “Hijab gives women freedom and identity.”

In a statement from 2012, the Ayatollah claimed the restrictive covering actually makes women feel more valuable.

In spite of the dim-witted and superficial propaganda campaigns of materialistic people, hijab does not shackle women. By ignoring hijab and failing to cover what Allah the Exalted has asked them to cover, women undermine their own dignity and value. Hijab brings about dignity. It makes women more valuable. It increases women’s dignity and respect. Therefore, it is necessary to appreciate hijab and to be thankful to Islam for emphasizing hijab. Hijab is among the blessings of God.


Feminists demanding to be heard about sexual allegations in the wake of the scandals that rocked Hollywood, following revelations about disgraced movie mogul Harvey Weinsten, now need to find a way to stand against the leader of a repressive regime while still supporting their misinformed celebration of hijab-wearing women.

Last year’s “Muslim Women’s Day” saw liberals embarrassingly make the hijab a new feminist symbol, while award-winning artists celebrated the power and strength of Muslim women in the covering. In the ultimate in ironies, men’s magazine Hustler launched their 43rd-anniversary issue with a woman, wrapped in an American flag hijab, on the cover.

Earlier this year, Iranian women defied the country’s government and threw off their hijabs in protest. Many more have followed suit in the following months, challenging the Islamic nation’s compulsory law. Reports abound of the consequences for women caught breaking the law as well as the oppressive lifestyles they are forced to live.



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