White House Reviews FBI Report On Kav – Findings CONFIRM Ford’s/Dem’s Claims Are A SHAM!

A Wall Street Journal report states the White House, after reviewing FBI interview reports regarding Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s past, found “no corroboration of the allegations of sexual misconduct” against the judge.

It is unknown whether the White House has concluded a full review of all FBI interview documents.

The FBI is said to be sending its findings to Senate Judiciary Committee members “late Wednesday” and will have an opportunity to examine the report on Thursday. Earlier Wednesday, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell filed a cloture motion, setting the stage for the full Senate to vote on Kavanaugh’s confirmation as early as Saturday.

Via Breitbart

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  1. Sydney is the worst foreign city to find a date

    RelationshipsdatingKate Iselin is currently writing: the issues of dating in SydneyWHEN Kate Iselin went on a recent date, Something location that summed up exactly what’s wrong with one Aussie city.

    Kate IselinThe effects of internet dating on society might be much more profound than most people think.

    It was most of Sydney date on a common Sydney evening: We had dinner at a chic inner city restaurant and then shared cocktails in a little bar before taking a slow stroll around the harbour. We admired the view, many of us kissed goodnight, immediately after in typical Sydney fashion, We never spoke together again.

    It not that we didn get along. I thought he was great and unless he the whole world best actor, He didn think I was to bad this time either.

    it doesn’t, The date was healthy, And we had similar well, But upon parting ways for the evening we begun a tradition as typically Sydney as doing the Bondi to Bronte walk, shouldering half of your pay cheque to rent a tiny room in a packed terrace, Or having a rogue ibis steal a potato cake right outside the hand.

    We had a great first date and finished the evening bearing that in mind we would never call, txt, Or see each other again. And when you think this is strange, Let me assure you: This is typical. that is Sydney.

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    important: What it was enjoy having casual sex after almost a year without

    When I moved here from Melbourne four in the past, The biggest culture shocks didn come from the change in coffee quality or access to trains and buses: it’s the dating scene.

    It often took weeks of messaging in between the two with a potential date to actually confirm a time that they wanted to meet in person and when the night was over, I would rarely hear from them again.

    in order to, At first i thought it was my fault: Perhaps i seemed to be a terrible date all this time, And no one at home in melbourne had ever bothered to tell me? But after years of attempting to date in Sydney with the only two associations I had here being long distance, With people in other cities I begun to suspect that maybe my experiences are indicative of a wider dating culture across the city.

    Here are chronic time wasters and responsibility phobes, Said this individual Jenny, When I asked her views.

    Don know a single girl in Sydney who doesn have a tale about being ghosted, Gaslit, Or strung along before the guy just spends the remainder of eternity looking girls in colombia at her Instagram stories. Ghosting when a date with whom you connected well simply disappears into thin air at random happens all over this nation, But it feels endemic to Sydney. It happened to almost every single person I know and seems to happen across friendships of all genders and orientations.

    It completely understandable that you wouldn communicate a bad date, But when I check around at my single Sydney friends, I see persistent, heated, odd, Attractive people who should have no trouble getting a call back after a good night out.

    as opposed to, continuously, We look around the dinner table or across the bar and ask the same questions: Why didn she refer to me back? Why is he so hard to seek the counsel of? We been messaging for a month is she attracted? Why did he disappear after we had such a fun time together?

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    Over cocktails a couple weeks ago I caught up with Lauren, Who filled me in on her last romantic endeavour. She moved to Sydney eight prohibited; And she been seeing someone for recent months, But was quick to tell me the way they haven yet discussed becoming official.

    Spend a lot of time in unison, But we not very on an emotional level invested, She exclaimed, attaching, could possibly have driven me crazy two years ago, But the present it seems to work. the topic of dating in Sydney, She agreed when camping: Encounters are a delicate balance between showing an interest in someone, And not caring way too much. It almost like you battling with the other person to be the most apathetic.

    I do wonder if this apathy battle makes it harder to make a genuine hitting the ground with someone new, Or if it maybe makes us less inclined to locate a special connection and risk rejection by someone we really care for. It has less related Sydney itself, And more regarding the nature of living in any big city.

    When you already tight on time, Dating and romance can get luxuries in a busy week: Between racing to the office, Rushing to the gym, And trying to fit in some quality time with your friends and relations, It reasonable that someone could forget to respond to a text or return a call.

    And the transient lifestyle of a large metropolis means we less likely to want to form connections with the people around us. definitely, On any day, Our favourite colleague could be causing for a new job, Our appreciated housemate could be moving out to somewhere cheaper, Or our best friend could be jetting off for a six month backpacking holiday.

  2. 3 Easy Rules For Dating you probably have Kids

    I met my boyfriend in the spring of 2016 via an internet dating app and quickly recognized a spark. Within a week of community,wi-fi network date, We met four more period to hike, coffee craft beer, And even go for a run along side each other, While my son frolicked at mother and father place. i was the epitome of new love. Saturday mornings were spent at the real estate market or the beach, over sleeping before meandering to brunch on Sundays.

    Then the new school year was suddenly upon me and our relationship was catapulted to the next level. I had show them him to my son.

    Families are increasingly common and single parents like myself could use a guide to bonds. Dating with kids means introducing a new partner into your children dynamic. It challenging because the necessary parenthood can quickly dampen even the hottest new flame.

    appointment time is key even if it not sexy

    My son spends every other weekend with my ex husband, Which allows my boyfriend and I to focus on our relationship. on the one night a week, My son and I have date night so we can pay attention to our own relationship. once three of us are together, We watch free movies online and work on homework together.

    Our schedule has a delicious set bedtime during the week for my son, giving me and my boyfriend important alone time.

    a person Love: Why Kids Shouldn Be A Deal breaker (along with: 5 Reasons Step youngsters are Awesome)

    of course my boyfriend is a staple at our home, We don currently live together part-time. A a small amount of nights a week he stays at his own place, Allowing my son and I to invest some time together, Just the two of us. By deciding on boundaries for my time with both my son and my boyfriend, We able to ease into the new family dynamic without making anyone feel left out or compelled.

    as well, Physical boundaries tend to be crucial. My son knows not to enter my bedroom when the door is closed unless he received our express choice. And that boundary extends for both: My son prefers that my boyfriend not see him in a state of undress so, Unless it a disastrous situation, My boyfriend is not needed for any bathroom or shower tasks.

    This can have setting boundaries with your co parent, if required or applicable. My ex and I have agreed that our respective partners can and should be interested in all aspects of our son life, From homework to discipline to celebrations not in place of the other co parent, But using, as well as them.

    you also Love: We Are Never reversing the breakup

    Don find time for your love, Make moments

    Between work and endless to do lists, Finding time is only about impossible. So hire a babysitter for a night out; Grab coffee together since the kids are at lessons; Or turn your living room into a date night venue with cheese from the expensive organ of the store, A bottle of wine, and a bit of candles. It doesn need to be fancy to feel special.

    If dating is hard, Then dating as a single parent is a lot like juggling flaming pins while riding a unicycle. Welcoming a new partner into your family dynamic can be tough, But with the very best balance, Things get far more easy. A single mom and advertising professional, Ashley joined the operating a blog world in 2010 after Finn birth. your blog, Which began as a cathartic effort, Took on a life of its own as Ashley candidly shared the good and the bad of life, Love and perform. When she not developing, producing, Or working Lego empires, Ashley on occasion finds time to sleep.

    She actually lives in Halifax, NS together partner and son. please note that lady in spanish CBC does not endorse the opinions expressed in comments. Comments on this story are moderated to be able to our Submission Guidelines. comments are welcome while open. We reserve the authority to close comments at any time.

  3. Chantel Jeffries Sues new york Daily News

    Justin Bieber was probably a hanging back in Canada these past few weeks, But the pop star will have to leave hiding soon. Bieber retains his DUI arrest to face with the trial set for May 5th.

    But it wasn just Bieber who was pulled over on Jan. 23 in san diego Beach, Fla.

    21 year old Chantel Jeffries was also riding with the pop star the night time of the DUI arrest. While she faced no criminal charges in regard to Bieber hot russian women arrest, The gorgeous young woman faced loads of media judgments.

    instantly, The model filed a defamation lawsuit at the New York Daily News praoclaiming that the criticism they produced was untrue and damaging to her reputation.

    The suit claims that the news source either knowingly published false records or that they didn exercise care in verifying the truth or falsity of such terms. The media outlet accused is not of being arrested times. Suit also alleges which such acts maliciously, Oppressively, Fraudulently, With ill will and an evil intent to defame and injure Jeffries.

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