Did Anyone Notice The Sign Alyssa Milano Was Holding At The Kavanaugh Hearing?

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While many noticed that actress-turned-left-wing activist Alyssa Milano landed a prime seat for the Kavanaugh-Ford hearing on Thursday so she could display solidarity with Ford and make a “power statement” by “staring down” Kavanaugh, some missed one key detail: the sign she occasionally flashed at the hearing.

Here’s a shot of Milano’s “I BELIEVE SURVIVORS NO ON KAVANAUGH” sign via Getty Images:

Adding to the “circus” feeling of the Kavanaugh confirmation process, Milano was invited to the hearing by Sen. Dianne Feinstein, the ranking Democrat on the Senate Judiciary Committee who sat on the allegations by Ford for weeks before submitting them in the eleventh hour of the proceedings to the FBI. (For that delay, Feinstein came under heavy fire from Republicans Thursday.)

As the Daily Wire’s Paul Bois noted, Milano led a group of anti-Kavanaugh activists around the Capitol on Wednesday, pounding on doors and shouting, “Open the door, hear the stories!” and “No more silence. No more. Never again!”

The Guardian’s Lauren Gambino reported on Milano’s stated purpose at the hearing:

Milano tweeted out a photo from her seat at the hearing:

Her presence at the hearing was certainly appreciated by many on the Left who have deemed Kavanaugh guilty despite no corroborating evidence and all named witnesses denying the claims, but not so much from those who felt that the Democrats had already made a mockery of the process:

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