Vile Jimmy Kimmel Crosses The Line – Makes A DISGUSTING And Violent ‘Joke’ About Kavanaugh

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The vulgar and vile liberal late night talk show hosts are not wasting any time making their disgusting “jokes” about what Brett Kavanaugh is going through, being falsely accused of “attempted rape” and possible “murder” by a woman with no witnesses, no evidence, and hardly any memory of what occurred.

Late night host Kimmel, thinks it’d be a great idea to just cut off Brett Kavanaugh’s penis.

How is that a “funny” joke, when people’s lives are being torn to shreds?

This is yet another example of the heartless and satanic left.

We cannot allow them any sliver of power – if we do, they will not only undo everything good we’ve done, but they’ll also finish their work of destroying this country.

Vote in the midterms.


Via TruthFeed 

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