SECOND ACCUSER Comes Forward Against Kavanaugh, But Her Own Best Friend Quickly Debunked Her Cockamamie Story

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We’ve all seen this show before.

The dirty Democrats come out at the 11th hour with their fake accusations, and when they flop, they drag out more people with flimsy stories.

It has happened before, and if the GOP doesn’t grow a spine and FIGHT, it will never stop happening.

The #MeToo movement has been weaponized the Democrats, fake news, and Deep State, just like the weaponized the FBI, CIA, and DOJ, to use against their enemies.

The latest accuser is even more flimsy than the first if you can believe that.

The New York Times and other major outlets actually took a “hard pass” on the story, but the hacks at The New Yorker hate Trump so badly and want to stop the Kavanaugh nomination, that they didn’t care about their trashed reputation, and ran the story.

And the timing is wildly obvious. They knew Ford’s allegations alone would not suffice, so the dirty Dems used the “stalling” on the vote date to prep “accuser #2.”

The #2 (debunked) accuser of Judge Kavanaugh is now angry because her so-called “witnesses” are not backing up her cockamamie story that she was “assaulted” by Judge Kavanaugh.

One of accuser #2’s witnesses is her best friend, who says they shared absolutely everything, and she’s never once heard of this story.

Upon hearing that her “best friend” and others had not backed up her story, Ramirez stated that she felt “disappointed and betrayed.”

The New Yorker

The former friend who was married to the male classmate alleged to be involved, and who signed the statement, said of Ramirez, “This is a woman I was best friends with. We shared intimate details of our lives. And I was never told this story by her, or by anyone else. It never came up. I didn’t see it; I never heard of it happening.” She said she hadn’t spoken with Ramirez for about ten years, but that the two women had been close all through college, and Kavanaugh had remained part of what she called their “larger social circle.” In an initial conversation with The New Yorker, she suggested that Ramirez may have been politically motivated. Later, she said that she did not know if this was the case.

Ramirez is a registered Democrat, but said that her decision to speak out was not politically motivated and, regarding her views, that she “works toward human rights, social justice, and social change.” Ramirez said that she felt “disappointed and betrayed” by the statements from classmates questioning her allegation, “because I clearly remember people in the room whose names are on this letter.”

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