Twitter Puts James Woods’ Account On LOCKDOWN – The Charges They Claim Are Straight Out Of The Loony-Liberal Handbook

Twitter has reportedly locked the Twitter account of Hollywood star James Woods for tweeting something the left has found offensive.

According to Sara Miller, Twitter suspended Woods over a tweet that could “impact an election.” Woods has reportedly issued a statement through Miller saying “You are a coward, Jack. There is no free speech for Conservatives on Twitter.”

According to Miller, Woods was suspended over a tweet that showed a picture of what appeared to be an ad containing three men and the copy that encouraged men to stay home on election day and let women decide.

The ad is very likely fake, as the picture in question was taken by Max Folkman in March 2017 when he ran into Valve programmer Vlad Muir. This picture has been used numerous times as an example of “soy boy face,” where there is an exaggerated, open-mouthed smile. “Soy boys” are typically associated with the left, making this photo seem like it falls in with Poe’s Law, or something fictional being too close to reality, and believed as true.

At the time of this writing, Woods has not tweeted for 20 hours according to his feed. The account is still active, however, a suspension does not mean that the account is locked down tight, but simply that the user cannot participate.

Via RedState

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