CNN Left REELING When Interview Goes South After FBI Agent DESTROYS Ford’s Accusations

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A CNN interview on Wednesday with former FBI assistant director Chris Swecker didn’t work out quite the way the network was probably hoping after Swecker said the recent accusations against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh would not hold up in court.

CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin asked Swecker a series of questions regarding the FBI’s involvement with the accusations of sexual assault made by California university professor Christine Blasey Ford against Kavanaugh.

Discussion of the FBI’s involvement with the case began Tuesday after Ford demanded an FBI investigation into her allegations before she testifies before Congress.

The Senate Judiciary Committee said in an official statement that the FBI wouldn’t handle the decades-old case.

“The FBI has indicated to the committee and in public statements that it considers the matter closed. The FBI does not make credibility determinations. The FBI provides information on a confidential basis in order for decision makers to determine an individual’s suitability,” the statement read.

Swecker confirmed during the CNN interview that the FBI won’t handle the case.

“The FBI has no independent jurisdiction to open up a stand-alone investigation of rape allegations or assault allegations that may have taken place 36 years ago,” Swecker said. “That’s a local crime. Unless it involves a federal official or on federal land, or has some federal nexus, there’s just no jurisdiction to do it.”

The interview got even more disappointing for the left when Baldwin asked Swecker what evidence the agency would look at to investigate Ford’s claims.

“There just can’t be any forensic evidence. I would be shocked if they brought a garment forward that might have DNA or something like that,” Swecker said.

Swecker went on to say that the evidence would be “strictly interviews” of the alleged victim, the alleged perpetrator, anyone else who might have been at the party, her therapist or anyone else she may have confided in about the incident.

Already, three of the four other people Ford claimed were at the party have denied her allegations with the most recent being Kavanaugh’s former classmate, Patrick Smyth.

“I am issuing this statement today to make it clear to all involved that I have no knowledge of the party in question; nor do I have any knowledge of the allegations of improper conduct she has leveled against Brett Kavanaugh,” Smyth said in a statement obtained by CNN.

After explaining the types of evidence available, Swecker noted that Ford’s accusation wouldn’t hold up in court.

“But it’s all fairly thin. None of this would hold up in court,” Swecker said.

Swecker added that Kavanaugh already passed six rigorous background checks from the FBI.

“These are the most thorough background checks that you can possibly do,” Swecker said.

In other words, there’s virtually no way to definitively prove Ford’s allegations are true. Which creates a sad irony that Democrats are so willing to ignore the basic tenets of due process when it comes to trying to prevent the nomination of Kavanaugh to the highest court in the land.

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