EPIC! Kavanaugh’s Wife Handles Nasty Democrat Protesters With PURE AMERICAN CLASS!

The wife of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, Ashley Estes Kavanaugh, showed what kind of family the Kavanaughs are Tuesday night by handing out cupcakes to reporters who were staking out the Kavanaugh residence.

CBS reporter Kathryn Watson said on Twitter that Kavanaugh’s wife “handed out cupcakes from Sprinkles to any of the (photographers) and producers who wanted them.”

These weren’t just your run-of-the-mill cupcakes either. Sprinkles is an iconic cupcake shop first founded in Beverly Hills, California and is considered one of the first cupcake bakeries, according to PJ Media.

Kavanaugh’s display was classy, but PJ Media columnist Jim Treacher asked the perfect question as to why there were reporters at the Kavanaugh residence to begin with.

“What do they think is going to happen at his house?” Treacher wrote on Twitter.

All of the action surrounding the Kavanaugh confirmation is happening at the Capitol, not in his family’s yard.

Thursday was supposed to be the day the Senate Judiciary Committee was to vote on the nomination of Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.

That, of course, has changed following an accusation of sexual assault against Kavanaugh by Christine Ford, a professor at a California university. Ford alleges that Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her over 30 years ago while the two were teenagers and attending a party.

Thursday’s vote was delayed to give Ford a chance to testify before the committee.

However, Kavanaugh’s accuser is now demanding an FBI investigation into the decades-old alleged assault before testifying before Congress — even though Fox News has reported the FBI is not going to investigate the accusation because there were no allegations of a federal crime.

Clearly, Kavanaugh’s wife and children — who are presumably more than a little anxious when reporters show up at their home — have nothing to do with the allegations levied against the judge and should be off limits.

There are plenty of other targets for the press to ambush, however.

For example, there are 21 members of the Senate Judiciary Committee who decide if the Senate gets to vote on Kavanaugh’s confirmation. Perhaps the press could ambush their homes. Or how about the home of Ford’s lawyers?

Staking out Brett Kavanaugh’s house is pointless and blatantly creepy, which is what makes Ashley Kavanaugh’s actions so admirable.

Confronting the press and offering them cupcakes likely made the situation less scary for Kavanaugh’s 10- and 13-year-old daughters.

The way Kavanaugh’s wife handled the weird situation shows how classy the family is.

Via WesternJournal

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