Trump Rails Democrats Over Kavanaugh Circus With One VICIOUS Tweet

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Usually, when you see the words “Trump tweet” in a headline, it can cause one of two reactions. Pumping your fist in the air in approval. Or banging your head against a wall until death. The president’s tweets move news cycles. People write “you won’t believe what Trump tweeted” posts everytime Trump tweets a thing. Stupid or brilliant.

But this tweet about the Brett Kavanaugh drama (see Kavanaugh Accuser’s Lawyer: ‘Not Her Responsibility to Prove Claims’ and Keith Ellison’s Accuser: I’ve Been Smeared By My Own Party) needs to be sold on t-shirts. I may even start a GoFundMe to put it up on Billboards outside of NBC News and CNN.

I have just three words to add:

Maliciousness, this time directed at Kavanaugh, is who the Democrats are. After spending eight years calling you a racist if you disagreed with Obama on taxes or health care, after claiming voting against every bill they support will cause people to LITERALLY DIE, it should be no surprise they’re trying to ruin a man’s life for the simple crime of being nominated to the Supreme Court by a Republican. No surprise.

Yes, the accuser deserves to be heard. Except she turned down a Republican opportunity to be heard. She can blame the Democrat Party for why so many people think this is just a desperate political stunt. Because so far, it seems like a desperate political stunt.

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