Matt Drudge Issues Trump Supporters A Cryptic Message For Upcoming Elections

When Matt Drudge speaks, people listen.

Well, this is 2018, so let’s be more accurate: When he tweets, people pay attention.

The reason is that it’s pretty rare. Drudge, of course, is the widely respected media mogul and famous recluse behind “The Drudge Report,” which paved the way for nearly every right-leaning publication online today.

He became a household name among conservatives after playing a key role in breaking the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal, which ultimately led to the 42nd president’s impeachment.

When it comes to Twitter, Drudge does it a bit differently from the crowd. Although followed by over half a million users, he posts infrequently and usually deletes those messages not long after they are published.

On Friday, that sparsely used Twitter account got attention after Drudge posted a warning to Republicans about the upcoming midterms.

“Trump and Obama both have 47% approval at this time of presidency, according to Rasmussen,” Drudge began.

“Trump will also lose 60 seats in the House like Obama did during first midterm! Unless…” he trailed off, leaving his message with a cryptic ending.

The main point, however, was clear. Despite the fact that the so-called “blue wave” of Democrat wins has been hit and miss during the primary and special election season, it looks like the GOP is facing an uphill battle to retain control of the House.

Drudge seemed to be making the prediction based on a comparison of President Trump’s support now and President Obama’s support back in 2010, which — like Trump now — was his second year in office.

That’s when Democrats lost control of the House, with a sweeping takeover by Republicans during the midterm election.

If Drudge’s warning about a 60-seat GOP loss in November comes true, that would mean that liberals would decisively re-take that chamber. Democrats actually only need to gain 23 seats to make that happen.

That isn’t welcome news for conservatives … but there are a few positive takeaways from the warning.

First, polls aren’t perfect. This was made abundantly clear in the 2016 election, when “expert” analysts gave Trump a snowball’s chance in hell of beating Hillary Clinton. We all know how that ended.

In other words, even though outlets like FiveThirtyEight give Democrats about an 83 percent chance of re-taking the House, they could be wildly wrong once again.

The second takeaway, however, is much more important. It’s the cryptic “unless…” at the end of Drudge’s tweet.

Only he knows what was meant by that, but there’s a good chance that he was leaving room for conservative turnout to make the difference in November.

That’s the one poll that matters: The ballots on election day.

There’s a lot at stake in this election, and it goes far beyond President Trump. A Democrat takeover of the House could be disastrous for the conservative agenda … and that’s why every right-leaning citizen needs to show up and vote on Nov. 6.

Via WesternJournal

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  1. GOP congressman bob King retweets a self

    RepublicanRep. Steve King of Iowa is drawing scrutiny after sharing a social media post from a British white nationalist who has described himself in the previous as an admirer of Hitler’s Germany and a “Nazi sympathizer,

    ruler, Whose racially inflected comments on subjects such as immigration and Western culture have drawn headlines for years,Retweeted the ukraine women japanese white nationalist Mark Collett, Who had shared a statistic from Breitbart News on stock exchange aboutopinions of “Mass immigration” In italy.

    “Europe is getting out of bed, King showed, Above Collett’s tweet. House lecturer Paul D. johnson (R Wis.), Who has rebuked King in times past, Did not immediately return a request for comment sent to his office.

    The Republican Party has found itself with a resurgent and rapidly visible extremist wing,influenced in part by Donald Trump’s election on a spate of racially charged policies and rhetoric. In virginia, Corey Stewart, Who has championed the Confederate flag and called a Republican congressional hopeful known for tweeting racist and anti Semitic boasts a “tailored hero, include the party’s nominee to challenge DemocraticSen. Tim Kaine after winning its primary this week. And other candidates withethnically charged opinions have sought the party nomination in races elsewhere.

    “Extremely concerning that a sitting Member of Congress felt it right to RT a known anti Semite someone associated w/ neo Nazis, Jonathan Greenblatt, The CEO on the Anti Defamation League, Said in an argument posted to social media. “A aggravating continuation of Rep. King’s propensity to engage in inflammatory, Bigoted unsupported claims on off Twitter,

    The Snake’: How Trump appropriated a radical black singer’s lyrics for immigration fearmongering]

    Collett, Who has found some prominence in the small but digitally prominent community of racially chargednationalists thathas grown more visible inEurope and the usa in recent years, Has made waves inBritain since earlier 2000s.

    As the 21 year old leader of the young wing of the british far right British National Party in 2002, Collett was a mainsubject of the television documentary”tender, Nazi and quite, In which documentarian David Modell surreptitiously recorded him expressing admiration for Germany under Hitler’s rule and criticizing the use of Jewish people in Europe.

    “National socialism was the best answer for German people back in the 1930s, he said. “anybody say, ‘Do you take any model from that?’ I mean I honestly can’t appreciate how a man who’s seen the inner city hell of Britain today can’t look back on that era with a certain nostalgia and think, ‘Yeah, former mate back’,folks marching through the streets and all those happy people out in the streets, You know saluting and every single thing, Was a bad thing.’ ”

    After being questioned by Modell at the end of the documented about the views he had so freely expressed when he didn’t think he was on camera, Collett denied them, Before Modell told him of the footage.

    “i’m not much of a Nazi, But if you like to call me a Nazi sympathizer you can, Collett revealed to Modell.

    Collett was apparently ejected from theBNPin 2010 after he was arrested on the suspicion of making threats to kill itsleader amid intraparty turmoil.

    nowadays, He has found an audience in far right and white supremacist circles web-based as a self identified member of the alt right, The virulent movement known for its racist, Anti Semitic and sexist perspectives,to state his views on Twitter, YouTube and also of digital channels. And Colletthas found common cause with former Ku Klux Klan commander David Duke, Who has appeared on his YouTube show and given a blurb for a book authored by Collett.

    appearing in 2016, The organizers of the Brexit push Vote Leave asked Collett to stop campaigning with their materials after he was took pictures of at an official looking table handing out leaflets with his swastika tattooed girlfriend, as per the BBC.

    master, Who did not return a request comment sent to his congressional office,Has found himself spotlighted for racially charged statements for years.

    last longer March, He wrote its far right Dutch politician Geert Wilders “realizes that culture and demographics are our destiny. We can’t restore our the world with somebody else’s babies, Drawing outcry or even some rebukes, never the less tepid, From his soiree. for 2013, Hetold a publication that for every immigrant in the united kingdom illegally who becomes valedictorian, there are “Another 100 all-around that they weigh 130 pounds, And they are forced calves the size of cantaloupes because they’re hauling 75 pounds of marijuana across the desert,

    And he has been called out for enjoying a Confederate flag on his desk, A factthat has left many observers damaging their heads: Iowa was obviously a Union state.

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