DERANGED Democrat Attacks Trump’s Response To Hurricane Florence … Which HASN’T EVEN HIT YET!

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WATCH THIS NUT- Democrats are trying to score political points over Hurricane Florence – And it’s still TWO DAYS FROM LANDFALL!

Leading the charge was lunatic Rep. Luis Gutierrez who went on an unhinged rant on Wednesday against President Trump.

Gutierrez blamed Trump for the carnage before Hurricane Florence even hit shore!

Rep. Luis Gutierrez: You know what I fear is the calamity. The calamity of the lack of coordination of the government with the National Guard and with local government.

The lack of responsiveness and preparedness of this government because the president he wants to find out who is the one who wrote that op-ed piece.

The chaos in the White House because he wants the Justice Department… Because he’s so consumed by the calamity that exists and the chaos that exists.

The hurricane is expected to reach land on Friday. For the record – Trump’s response to Hurricane Florence has been phenomenal.

Absolutely incredible.

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