BUSTED! After Attacking Trump, CBS Facing The Most HUMILIATING And IMMORAL Scandal Imaginable

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CBS is no friend to our successful America First President.

Like the rest of the fake news media, they have trashed him, put out phony stories, and used all of their resources to paint President Trump as an immoral, evil person.

So, what does it say, when now, CBS is facing the most humiliating and immoral scandal imaginable?

I’ll tell you what it says – it says that liberals accuse others of being exactly who they already are.

Just like NBC and the rest of Hollywood, CBS was led by a liberal man who used his power to prey on women.

When are people going to wake up and realize that most of the men abusing women are the ones who belong to the Democrat Party?

New York Post

Six more women have accused CBS chief Les Moonves of sex abuse.

Moonves forced the women to perform oral sex on him, exposed himself without consent and used physical violence and intimidation at various times, his accusers told The New Yorker magazine.

Television executive Phyllis Golden-Gottlieb said she filed a report with the Los Angeles Police Department late last year alleging Moonves restrained her and forced her to perform oral sex on him in the late 1980s. Law-enforcement sources told the mag that investigators found the claims credible but did not charge Moonves, 68, because the statute of limitations had lapsed.

Several accusers said Moonves — considered one of the most powerful people in television — retaliated against them when they rebuffed his advances.

Six other women, including “Six Feet Under” star Illeana Douglas, have already accused Moonves of abuse.

That brings the total number of accusers to a dozen, as members of the CBS board are reportedly considering dangling a $100 million offer before the long-reigning CEO and chairman in exchange for his leaving the company.

Moonves acknowledged some of the encounters to the magazine but said they were consensual.

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