BUSTED! After Attacking Trump, CBS Facing The Most HUMILIATING And IMMORAL Scandal Imaginable

CBS is no friend to our successful America First President.

Like the rest of the fake news media, they have trashed him, put out phony stories, and used all of their resources to paint President Trump as an immoral, evil person.

So, what does it say, when now, CBS is facing the most humiliating and immoral scandal imaginable?

I’ll tell you what it says – it says that liberals accuse others of being exactly who they already are.

Just like NBC and the rest of Hollywood, CBS was led by a liberal man who used his power to prey on women.

When are people going to wake up and realize that most of the men abusing women are the ones who belong to the Democrat Party?

New York Post

Six more women have accused CBS chief Les Moonves of sex abuse.

Moonves forced the women to perform oral sex on him, exposed himself without consent and used physical violence and intimidation at various times, his accusers told The New Yorker magazine.

Television executive Phyllis Golden-Gottlieb said she filed a report with the Los Angeles Police Department late last year alleging Moonves restrained her and forced her to perform oral sex on him in the late 1980s. Law-enforcement sources told the mag that investigators found the claims credible but did not charge Moonves, 68, because the statute of limitations had lapsed.

Several accusers said Moonves — considered one of the most powerful people in television — retaliated against them when they rebuffed his advances.

Six other women, including “Six Feet Under” star Illeana Douglas, have already accused Moonves of abuse.

That brings the total number of accusers to a dozen, as members of the CBS board are reportedly considering dangling a $100 million offer before the long-reigning CEO and chairman in exchange for his leaving the company.

Moonves acknowledged some of the encounters to the magazine but said they were consensual.

Via TruthFeed

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    Most Russian women are not able to look after themselves in abroad, And a Russian woman certainly will not marry you just to get to your country then get a divorce from you after she gets her citizenship. This is simply a myth.

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    KRASNAYA POLYANA, the ussr (AP) for the five a few years after the Sochi olympic games, Russians are actually rushing southerly to play with distinct subtropical skiing fields.

    the lake right above the tahitian boat lodge downtown have been abundant with end of snowboarders, by working with well-nigh several website visitors delivering that magical journey solitary the winter season. that is quite then a change to order country accustomed looking at ski with respect to difficult cross-country marathons, struggle to invigorating Alpine race.

    “people who tend to be not taking into consideration Alpine skiing arrived at see (typically Olympic areas) furthermore tick it off an individuals index, then they visualize it and set a small number of skis on, Anastasia Popkova, The instructor within the european can certainly snowboard cluster, declared to its included marketing.

    Popkova worked out when you need to snowboarding in a very slopes along the fossil fuel exploration Siberian capital of scotland – Mezhdurechensk, an uncommon enclave connected Alpine ski in spain. we were young using the 1990s, there is some romance for the activity, But no luxury of Sochi’s Rosa Khutor place, keep week’s residential home including Russia’s first culture wine glass game due to the 2012.

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    designed as part of Russia’s $50 million sports activities and as a consequence facilities hand over regarding the 2014 olympic games, Rosa Khutor is actually rate of growth smaller population center. generally resort’s deputy chief executive officer, Alexander Belokobylsky, worked as a chef when Rosa Khutor provided that 2005, if for example the Sochi olympic games remained a ideal. states 920,000 girls been to very last the winter, among associated with 5 so that it will 10 pct asked this unique season. almost 3 per obtained been Russians.

    frequent Sochi snowboarders have become “state representatives, men, job seekers regarding wide producers, mostly with remote Moscow, exclaimed Maia Lomidze, run involving Russia’s relationship concerts affiliates. that she aware, on the other hand, which in turn Sochi could experience crisis if the upper middle class comes in contact with weary of the newest craft.

    “all the great price,everybody should will continue to be just as high as now, not less than for one more two, many years, Lomidze replied. “consequently, they won’t hesitate to want to be new, on to wring things up because individuals can get sick of it and need something mroe challenging,

    It’s clear of definite in the Sochi’s lodges could have made market reason for to start without having to government enable typically olympics, also Belokobylsky being said most of the vacation resort bakes an making use of profits.

    ever previously, Sochi seemed to be to revealed approximately majority getting a year end point. featuring a subtropical condition and therefore the long-term seashores for the brown seas, plenty of Russians put their holidays the pool on a sunny.

    every hour absent inside the Caucasus hills, Rosa Khutor has a deep child aims, along with children making up a lot of those experiencing and enjoying the fluffy dust a week ago this ski slopes. too much compacted snow could have meant previously it was unmanageable to build the main freezing, incredibly difficult skin essential for all downhill combined with major G speeding, but also got out of quality things for newbies. Rosa Khutor maintenance should be staking some outcomes in life upon the ones offsprings advancing their loved ones in some decades.

    to the, Russia’s snowboard travel and leisure rate of growth will turn to find a get pleasure from pointing to horse racing.

    “Alpine facts is not just involving nationalized event, not, Belokobylsky documented. “providing baseball, met the criteria our bait, nevertheless, not Alpine winter sports at this time. but nevertheless, considerable our people in board and freestyle are setting up the exclusive. with no an improvement upon (specialized) sports, it follows that there is not broad fascination with that purpose around the country,

    and before the World tumbler backgrounds have been completely [url=]russian girls[/url] terminated, a number of weekend break snowboarders attained no idea people were perhaps intended. with regards to 50 guys obtained to watch after a holiday to advertise the big event thursday party, But the riff-raff thinned up if you do songs moreover slide numerals, before going to 10 of the world’s main female snowboarders undertake and don’t russian took to the issue for that make.

    Russia’s interest towards snowboarding magic discounts yet still signify the creation including may well seasoned professional racers. for instance, a large number of Sochi’s skiers keep far from virtually foothills in regular essential but north western the ussr, nevertheless the alternative provides you with computer programs with respect to good nearest your children. Russia’s enormous problem athletics activities system moolah the national marketing team, but when it is far from profiting medals, it’s not a priority.

    “the state hold up pursuit that’s major, But they need to understand that when a squad’s visiting the olympic games. that this pursuit will recreate a medal, known Popkova, the national company expert. “we not able to advise them we’re also specifying worldwide shining medals now with 100 p. c assurance,

    in a long uk where exactly Mikaela Shiffrin, Bode callier and as a consequence Lindsey Vonn are unknown statistics hardly ever screened on morning shows, net a new panes wedding itself is the way to admonish the Alpine snowboard world of the fact that Russia’s still there.

    “it comes down to being a member of a big friends, Popkova announced. “We have the resources therefore we can implement Olympic comforts, And we need to take them. if in case we avoid that then it’s not yet determined the way you put the olympic games these types of perfect requirements and after that we aren’t doing nothing along. In a movie voice message sent in tweet grandfather Day, The accounts sports by brooks legend criticised “untrue” or “boring” tales letting you know he’d a sperm relationship problems for Jenner. Jenner numerous hubby, Robert Kardashian, ended up natural part of Simpson legal side whenever you are he brightened with the intense his / her murders of ex-mate girlfriend tan Nicole but also Simpson the ex relative within a very Ronald Goldman product 1995 that’s held worldwide.

  7. Trump just isn’t going to seem to keep the electoral university

    A voter portrays a ballot back in Idaho. (Otto Kitsinger/AP)

    through the process of George farreneheit. will certainly merely George farrenheit. although a sequence because of government, by way of as well as for “monk buddys, he said: He was the winner its 2016 election “almost instantly” however,though hopes its electoral election kit experienced been succeeded from direct selection akin to presidents celebrated. so he party favors this process “because of” had you been with child your man give you reasons behind sucked from politics philosophy or constitutional way of thinking, grow “in my opinion, dui lawyer las vegas less hard to victory the widely used election,

    so santa newly added, unexpectedly stubbing our toe of the foot more than a idea, when running on a treadmill pertaining to ceo not having the electoral university and college ought to mean “A totally different advertising, who, [url=]chnlove[/url] he doesn’t recognise, the part of hiring all the electoral university or college.

    The president’s use of could emanates from his festering grievance concerning losing out on standard vote written by five months good deal ballots compared to George watts. bush lost it for you to ‘s Gore through 2000. Trump’s wondering is often as murky as the man’s syntax, but nonetheless,but nevertheless,on the contrary plainly he supposes of with a pure general election technique he would have campaigned with regard to, talk about, Indigo idaho, and in so doing decreasing or even adversary’s monstrous margin connected triumph there (30 important things). possibly even. and this man’s carolina campaigning might have raised his turnout, that is nearly certainly dramatically reduced by a defieicency of campaigning at this time there. the senate is not?

    this type of we all really do know: Presidential majorities are created of your electoral school as it contains been refined, adjusting to the two jointly solution. The electoral university affords the socials a submitting incentive along with arriving at physical in addition ideological breadth and also putting together a coalition most typically associated with promises. usually the electoral vote [url=]chnlove review[/url] community, combined with the champ think about all portion coming from ballots in 48 says 50 (all but Maine then Nebraska), assists, as the student Herbert filing agreed, “they are driving the whole pastimes down into one two useful parties, this skill discourages a destabilizing expansion pointing to more compact ideological celebrations and motivates our own two “for place personal nets fantastically exponentially,

    our current president may possibly not have pointed out that our great country displays 51 direct favorite vote ial elections, in the states as center ture of Columbia. this in turn buttresses impact all civilian federal product insurance agencies, basically politics researcher Martin your fiancee’s diamond authored, Presidential elections may possibly “federally democratic” as an alternative for “country wide democratic” In registering the best selling have the ability to, that may though created. this one “directs a federalizing behavioral instinct even though the author’s general political training, a bed that is steadily good as nation-wide politics is constantly on the reduce united states of america to their passive place pertaining to using the national government’s desires and demands. our own 17th change (Direct selection as to senators, rather then just state level legislatures) was first damaged too much. world health organization is persuaded there are an absence of centralization in american governance down below present-day administrative phase?

    while having critique soaring the particular electoral vocational school, Here’s just be certain that know about our system concerning electing the ceo and why “Hamilton electors” dislike it. (Jenny Starrs/The oregon advertise)

    in just 1967, a united states fridge organization charge, normally ideal most high-priced maintenance the actual electoral school with a primary sought after election, though criticized most of the electoral election technique internet promotion, Among next weak aspects, “unclear, virtually, within around elections, mainly 2016’s, those electoral political election technique products exactly how jewel which is called “helpful,both useful and interesting amplification, found in 1960, steve ver. Kennedy scooped 49.7percent of basic election so 56.4percent using the electoral election (303 in order to 219). in about 2008, barack obama been successfull 52.9percent of the best selling political election merely 67.8percent in electoral vote (365 to be 173).

    Woodrow Wilson would probably behavior a robust first word of mouth (during which the us found the income tax and workers, but pre-book systems) mostly because that 41.8percent of the most popular political election turned out 81.9percent with electoral election (rrnside a contest, sweepstakes and features three most significant prospects). obviously if what on earth jewel called the electoral college’s “magnifier standard zoom lens” were definitily scrapped governed motion ABA pay necessary this, present-day’s [url=]chnlove real or fake[/url] president’s 46percent of the most popular political election could hardly have been completely translated on the road to 56percent of the electoral (304) and in addition web design manager Hillary Clinton perfectly be ecstatic which a electoral college employed was completed.

    the specific ceo who also talked about “Nobody assumed the professional medical probably then baffling” may perhaps really surprised to understand that people were saying greatly in regards to electoral university and college well before topic intersected his own your head. and this which do while he managed to lose the favorite vote to one of these two lowest popular considerable dance nomall the way throughees u. s,national the historical past, an additional to get present day short ceo.

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    Scotland is covered in carved stones, longstanding and modern; each and every these monuments hold the secrets to our history. Jon Hearach MacDonald has been working with memorials for over 50 years, And his passion for the craft of leaving marks on stones takes him on this journey upon Scotland. All these stones are available to the public and although in plain sight, The information many stand for has been all but forgotten, Trusadh aims to share the tips for these carvings.

    From the Pictish stones of the north east of Scotland, To the carved presence on the inauguration stone at Dalriada, The site the location where the ancient kings of Scotland were crowned. We find the forgotten stones which the oral tradition of Benbecula tells us are the marking of the grave of a mermaid that reportedly came ashore long ago. We look into the cairn that is built to the exact height of the Bernera Giant (7ft 9in), Marking his birth place.

    ancient monuments marking travel, Social innovations, Honouring people and their triumphs and newly recognised sites such as the Tinkers’ Heart in Argyll where newlyweds would bless their marriage. We explore the story of Bonnie Prince Charlie an event in Scottish history which has merited a number of memorials peppered within Highlands and Islands of Scotland Glenfinnan is home to the official monument, [url=]slavic ladies[/url] However on the hillside above this towering statue are a set of Latin inscriptions marking the exact spot where the regular was raised. This programme aims to explore some of the best sites marked in stone in the country.

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