BREAKING: White House Source Reveals Trump May DUMP Pence For 2020 Run as Tension Rises

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A not-so-well known fact coming out of the White House now after the New York Times dropped an anonymous op-ed supposedly from an insider in the Trump administration.

Whether the NY Times’ source is real — or fabricated — there is a growing rift between President Trump and Vice President Mike Pence, well-placed sources confirm.

“Trump doesn’t trust him,” one insider said. “The president operates by instincts and for a long he has excluded Mike (Pence) from key negotiations and matters.”

But publically, sources said, the optics are that Trump and Pence have a good relationship. But that’s simply optics. And not reality.

“Mike is almost an outsider at this point,” one insider said. “Whether he’s on the ticket for 2020 is anybody’s guess. I would say he won’t be but excluding him could cause a backlash. Mike is certainly frustrated.”

Pence could be disgruntled after being excluded from key administration meetings and policy decisions.

“Have you seen Mike do anything of importance in the last year?” one insider said. “There’s a reason he’s at ribbon-cutting ceremonies and not helping to shape deals in the Oval Office. Mike was placed on the ticket by old guard GOP and they haven’t done the president any favors.”

President Ronald Reagan did not trust his Vice President George Bush. And with good reason, history showed.

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