President Trump Trolls John Kerry, And The Whole Dismal DNC Field, With One HARD HITTING Tweet!

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President Trump got word that the disgraced “mastermind” of the failed Iran Deal is running for President, and decided to have a little fun.

Trump took to Twitter where he slammed John Kerry for his lousy deal, which Trump has since canceled, as well as the dismal looking “2020” field that the Democrats are haplessly assembling.

Washington Examiner

President Trump jokingly endorsed Obama-era Secretary of State John Kerry as his opponent in 2020, boasting that he could beat the Vietnam veteran and one-time Democratic presidential nominee.

“I see that John Kerry, the father of the now terminated Iran deal, is thinking of running for President. I should only be so lucky – although the field that is currently assembling looks really good – FOR ME!” Trump tweeted Monday afternoon.

Kerry told CBS Sunday that he was not ruling out a bid for president in 2020 despite losing a 2004 race to former President George W. Bush.

“I’m really not thinking about it,” Kerry said. “Talking about 2020 right now is a total distraction and waste of time. What we need to do is focus on 2018.”

To that end, Kerry touted his plans to hit the road and endorse Democrats in House and Senate races in November’s midterm elections. “I think that’s the most important work we can do right now, is trying to elect people on a national basis and restore the leadership that the country needs,” he added.

Kerry once said he didn’t think Trump would make it through one term in Washington. In January 2017, the month of Trump’s inauguration, Kerry predicted the wealthy businessman would only last in the White House for “a year, or two years.”

In May of this year, Trump pulled the U.S. out of the Obama-era Iran Deal, which Kerry had negotiated during his tenure in the Obama administration.

Kerry responded to Trump’s criticism of the deal on CBS’s “Face the Nation” on Sunday by observing that Trump often “doesn’t know what he’s talking about. He makes things up.”

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