Feminist Lawyer’s BAD JOKE Shows Just How Racist Liberals Are Against Black Culture

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Feminist and attorney Lisa Bloom thinks it’s a good idea to only allow black people to vote.

The women’s rights attorney who has represented women with sexual harassment claims, including those accusing President Donald Trump, apparently thought her joke about recent poll numbers was funny.

Bloom, the daughter of attorney Gloria Allred who also represents women who have accused Trump, tweeted Sunday in response to an ABC News/The Washington Post poll which showed black Americans’ support for the president at a low of 3 percent.

The poll showed 93 percent of black Americans disapproving of the president, a drop in approval from several months ago.

According to Law & Crime:

That 93 percent disapproval rating among black people is consistent with the results of the 2016 presidential election. Exit polls published by CNN show that only 8 percent of this voting block went for him. Compare that to 89 percent for Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. An oft-cited stat shows that only 4 percent of black women supported him. 94 percent marked their ballots for Clinton.


Despite the findings in the one poll, Trump touted the low rate of black unemployment under his administration in a series of tweets on Sunday.

Bloom, who also represented comedian Kathy Griffin and one time advised disgraced Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein amid sexual abuse allegations, did nothing to hide her dislike of the president. Twitter users, reacting to her tweet, did nothing to hide their own dislike of Bloom and her Trump-bashing.


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