Video Captures Bill Clinton Being A COMPLETE CREEP – Ogles Ariana Grande During Aretha Franklin’s Funeral

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There hasn’t been a time, at least in recent months, where I noticed Bill Clinton’s name trending on Twitter and thought it was a pleasant augury.

Clicking on that link never brought you to a story that said something like, oh, “Bill Clinton volunteering to build houses in flood-ravaged Haiti” or “Former President Clinton reads Dr. Seuss book to orphans.”

It’s always stuff like, “Bill Clinton isn’t sure Al Franken should have resigned for allegedly sexually harassing women the same way he allegedly sexually harassed women” or “Bill Clinton gets angry at an interviewer for bringing up the fact his behavior with the distaff gender probably wouldn’t fly today.” (These weren’t actual Twitter headlines, but don’t spoil my dream here.)

However, I was slightly hopeful when I saw that a clip of Bill Clinton from Aretha Franklin’s funeral was making the rounds. For his multifarious faults, Clinton has always been known for openly revering his favorite musicians. I always found that kind of quaint and sweet until I remembered literally everything else he had ever done.

So maybe this wasn’t so bad this time — right?

Grande, by the way, is 25. She also didn’t have a great time with men at the funeral — a bishop touched her inappropriately when they embraced and said pastor also said, “(w)hen I saw Ariana Grande on the program, I thought that was a new something at Taco Bell.” Borderline racist dad jokes: he’s got ’em.

However, there are skeevy pastors a-plenty across this nation, sadly; yes, they are a very small minority, but they do certainly exist. We only have six living presidents, however, and while the left is willing to take to the streets over comments our current president made on tape about women well over a decade ago, Bill Clinton has ostensibly gotten a pass for being a public Chaucerian-level lecher for nigh on three decades now.

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