McCain’s D.C. Funeral Was To Be A Moment Of Reflection – Meghan And Obama Decided To BASH Trump Instead

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Sadly, John McCain’s funeral has turned into nothing more than a Trump-bashing bonanza.

No wonder, they’re dragging it on for so long,

This is an opportunity for the globalists to slam our successful America First President – exactly how John McCain would have wanted it.

He was a globalists globalist.

Washington Examiner

Former President Barack Obama delivered a heartfelt eulogy of John McCain Saturday, reminding the nation that the late Republican senator believed in “honest argument” and wanted Americans to be better than engaging in political discourse “born in fear.”

Obama’s tribute during the service at the National Cathedral in Washington, D.C., captured not only McCain’s humor and bipartisan nature, evident in their friendship, but the senator’s defiance and criticism of the current administration.

“So much of our politics, our public life, and public discourse seems small and mean and petty,” said Obama, in a clear critique of President Trump. “Trafficking in bombast and insult, phony controversies — in manufactured outraged.”

“It’s a politics that pretends to be brave and tough but in fact is born in fear,” Obama continued. “John called on us to be bigger than that, he called on us to be better than that.”

McCain understood that if America gets in the “habit of bending the truth to suit political expediency or party orthodoxy,” Obama said, “our democracy would not work.”

Obama didn’t stop there, taking direct aim at the current administration’s immigration policies, and Trump’s courtship with nativists and white supremacists.

“John understood as JFK understood as Ronald Reagan understood that part of what makes our country great is that our membership is based not on our bloodline, not on what we look like, what our last names our, not based on where our parents or grandparents came from or how recently they arrived,” said Obama. “But on an adherence to a concrete that all of us are created equal, endowed by our creator with certain unalienable rights.”

Obama’s comments stuck to an underlying theme of McCain’s funeral, that in his last act the senator would reject the divisive politics of Trump’s administration.

The senator’s daughter Meghan McCain, took the first shot at Trump during her tribute on Saturday, criticizing the president’s ‘”cheap rhetoric.”

Striking a lighter tone at certain parts, Obama recalled when McCain asked him to speak at his funeral. The request came as a slight surprise to Obama, but he said it captured McCain’s “essential qualities.”

“John liked being unpredictable,” Obama said. “He had no interest in conforming to some prepackaged version of what a senator should be, and didn’t want a memorial that was going to be prepackaged either.

It also showed McCain’s “irreverence” and his “mischievous streak.”

“What better way to get a last laugh than make George [W. Bush] and I say nice things about him to a national audience,” Obama said to laughs.

But Obama said their friendship was something he cherished during his presidency. Throughout Obama’s years in office, McCain would go to the White House to “sit and talk” about policy and family away from the cameras.

“Our disagreements didn’t go away during these private conversations,” said Obama. “We learned from each other. We never doubted the other man’s patriotism, or that when all was said and done we were on the same team. We never doubted we were on the same team.”

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