Turncoat Lawyer Michael Cohen Made A FATAL FLAW – Now He Must Decide…Did He Lie To Congress, Or Lie To Mueller?

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President Trump’s turncoat ex-attorney Michael Cohen has gone from a hated figure of the political left to a hero of The Resistance after he copped a plea with the feds and hung a shingle out that he was for sale to special counsel Robert Mueller.

Cohen has gone from a smack-talking defender of his former client to a sniveling rat trying to trade in his dwindling credibility for leniency in the Russian collusion witch hunt that has gone so far off course that it’s now honing in on Trump for alleged extramarital flings.

Despite the hopes of a man who has now been disgraced and is all but finished as a lawyer to sing sweet songs for the Deep State dirty cop, Cohen likely has little to offer up in trade in light of his past statements that make it clear that the man is a habitual fibber.

The latest?

Cohen now claims that Trump himself knew about that June 2016 meeting at Trump Tower that stinks of a setup in which Donald Trump Jr. was lured into a trap by players who had relationships with Fusion GPS, the dirty oppo research company hired by Team Hillary to promote the fraudulent Christopher Steele dossier.

While it is a clearly a call for help to Mueller that he will do or say anything to save his own skin, there is the fact that if this is the case, then Cohen lied to Congress during his testimony on the matter.

Via the New York Post, “Cohen told Congress he doesn’t know if Donald knew about Trump Tower meeting”:

Michael Cohen told Congress that he had no idea whether President Trump knew ahead of time about the 2016 Trump Tower meeting that included Donald Trump Jr. and a Russian lawyer, a report said Thursday.

In closed-door meetings with the House and Senate intelligence committees last year, Trump’s former personal lawyer testified that he had no foreknowledge of the meeting and didn’t know if Trump did either, sources told Axios.

CNN reported last month that Cohen was willing to testify to special counsel Robert Mueller that Trump knew in advance of the meeting, during which the Russian lawyer offered “dirt” on then-candidate Hillary Clinton.

When The Post called Cohen’s lawyer, Lanny Davis, at the time to confirm the report, he said as an anonymous source that it was accurate.

Lying to Congress isn’t exactly going to help this snitch who is ready to do anything for Mueller if it shaves time off of his jail sentence.

The media now loves Michael Cohen but he may have been better off had he just clammed up instead of allowing himself to be used as a pawn in Operation Get Trump.

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