GLORIOUS: Steven Crowder Confronts ANTIFA THUG Who Offered Money For The Murder Of ICE Agents

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In a video published this week, conservative comedian and pundit Steven Crowder confronted a man he said had endorsed calls for assassinating Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents.

The installment of his web series “Crowder Confronts” began with the host sharing social media statuses apparently linking the target of the episode to tweets calling for the death of law enforcement and other government authorities.

Among the comments was one post in which the man appeared to declare that he had “wanted a piece of Crowder for a long time.”

After arranging a meeting with the man, Crowder, who was dressed as a genie, was immediately recognized.

“Is this Steven Crowder?” the man asked. “Oh s—.”

As seen in the video, the man then threw a beer into Crowder’s face

“Go f— yourself you piece of s—,” the man said as he stormed off.

Crowder and his cameraman followed him outside and down the sidewalk.

Armed with a microphone and a range of evidence regarding the controversial posts, he continued peppering the man with questions.

“What about asking people to kill members of ICE?” Crowder asked. “How about that? Five hundred dollars a pop?”

The man offered few responses to the questions and taunts.

“Come on man,” Crowder said. “You’ve been wanting a piece of me for a long time. Is that all you’re going to do is throw some pilsner?”

When confronted with some of his apparent social media posts, the man said he didn’t “recall saying that.”

Crowder then presented a poster with some of the threats he reportedly posted.

“You want to kill (U.S. Secretary of Education) Betsy DeVos, right?” he said. “Kill ICE, kill every member of ICE and then than you will help fund $500 for every member of ICE killed. You think that’s OK?”

Promising to file a police report if the posts are not removed, Crowder ended the filmed confrontation with an ultimatum.

“Take down the threats,” he said. “Take down the offers to pay people for killing other people and that will be it. But if not, we’re going to have to file this with the police.”

After his target refused, Crowder doubled down.

“I’m sure they’ll be thrilled to see ‘Kill those f—ing pigs, ‘Five hundred a head for ICE,’” he responded. “Come on, man.”

Warning that the video will be seen by “future people hiring you” and many others, Crowder gave the man one more opportunity to accept his offer.

“Next stop is the police station, OK?” Crowder said. “OK. That’s the next stop. Enjoy your night.”


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