Cuomo SPITS On America Again – His Insults This Time Are Twice As Bad!

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New York Governor Andrew Cuomo cannot stop putting his foot in his mouth.

Ever since his comment that “America was never great,” he’s been tripping over himself and his words to try and change the narrative, and failing miserably.

Now, after saying America sucks, Cuomo is now calling half of America intolerant bigots.

From Daily Caller

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo on Sunday called President Trump “un-American” and labeled his supporters as being full of “sexisim, racism, bigotry, and intolerance.”

Cuomo’s comments came during a Sunday campaign stop at First Baptist Church of Crown Heights in Brooklyn.

“In Mr. Trump’s America, the points on the compass are not north, south, east, or west,” Cuomo tweeted. “They are sexism, racism, bigotry, and intolerance.”

“Every neighborhood has it, the scared small man in the house with the high fence and the shiny mailbox, afraid of people who are different. Afraid of people who are a different religion, who speak a different language, who come from a different place,” Cuomo said before labeling Trump supporters as “threatened by diversity” and using “anger to hide the fear.”

Lauren Hitt, campaign spokesperson for Cuomo’s primary opponent Cynthia Nixon, said in a statement: “Andrew Cuomo may be the only Democratic politician in America who needed polling and focus groups to figure out that Donald Trump should be criticized. That kind of sophisticated political insight can be expensive.”

Adding that Cuomo has in the past accepted $64,000 in campaign donations from President Trump when he was a New York businessman, Hitt wrote, “So here’s some free advice: if you want to convince voters that you’re suddenly anti-Trump, start by returning his money.”

GOP Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel noted that Cuomo had just called half of America “bigots.”

Via TruthFeed 

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