‘Comedian’ Michelle Wolf’s Netflix Show Was Just Cancelled After Only 10 Episodes – and Liberals Are LOSING THEIR MINDS!

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Anti-Trump unfunny “comedian” Michelle Wolf lost her repulsive show on Netflix.

The online streaming giant announced the cancellation of her disastrous show on Friday.

According to reports, Wolf and the staff on her show discovered they lost their jobs, via Twitter.

Now, liberals are lashing out, somehow expecting Netflix to keep airing a dumb show, simply because it’s anti-Trump?

From Breitbart:

Michelle Wolf’s Netflix series has been canceled after only ten episodes, and the left is bummed.

The unscripted Netflix series, The Break with Michelle Wolf,  premiered only three months ago and was part of the streaming giant’s incursion into late-night comedy. Wolf’s cancellation comes just ten months after Netflix canceled Chelsea Handler’s failed attempt to bring late night to the streaming world.

Although Deadline reported Wolf failed to draw “enough viewership to secure a renewal,” many on the left are in shock, especially our elite provincials who are always shocked upon discovering the rest of the world does not share their tastes.

For instance, the far-left Daily Beast decried the cancellation as “classless” and suggested the move was sexist.

“The move comes just a couple of weeks after BET announced it was canceling The Rundown with Robin Thede after its first season. That cuts the number of late-night-style shows hosted by women in half,” the Beast lamented.

Then the Beast, unwittingly, both asked and answered its own question:

The utter opacity of Netflix’s model makes it impossible to know how many people were watching The Break on a weekly basis, but the show’s cultural impact could be felt on a near-weekly basis. Wolf is an expert at outraging conservatives—perhaps something Netflix was less-than-thrilled about—from her “God bless abortions” segment over the 4th of July to her commercial parody that equated ICE to ISIS a couple of weeks later.

The only “cultural impact” Wolf had was through her childish, look-at-me trolling that used “comedy” to push her extreme ideology, which is far outside of the mainstream, even among Democrats. Nearly 60 percent of Democrats support ICE, and only sociopaths ask God to bless an abortion.



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