ABC Pulls Race Card On Trump, Kellyanne Conway DESTROYS Them, Proves Liberals Are The Real Racists.

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Seizing on newfound claims from Omarosa Manigault-Newman, who’s peddling her new book, that President Donald Trump is a racist, ABC News anchor Jonathan Karl set up Kellyanne Conway, asking the president’s counselor to name one prominent black adviser who serves the West Wing of the West Wing.

Never mind that after she was fired late last year, Omarosa said in an interview that Trump “is not a racist.”

“Omarosa was the most prominent, high level African-American serving in the West Wing on President Trump’s staff,” Karl began. “Who now is that person? Who is the most prominent high level adviser to the president on the West Wing staff right now?”

That Karl was specific about denoting the West Wing exposed the very real likelihood that he knew the answer and was cornering Conway to have to say it on national TV.

Conway replied to Karl by pointing to Dr. Ben Carson, the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, but the ABC News reporter drew her back to White House staff.

“We have Ja’ron [Smith],” Conway then said, noting that “he’s been very involved with Jared Kushner and President Trump on prison reform.”

“Does he have an office in the West Wing?” Karl asked.

“He has an office in the EOP, absolutely, the executive office of the president, yes,” Conway said.

“But not in the West Wing,” Karl noted. “What does that say to have not a single senior adviser in the West Wing who’s African-American?”

And there you have it, trap successfully executed, furthering the narrative that Trump is a racist, coming as black support for the president continues to rise — a phenomenon that could prove fatal for the Democratic Party.

Never mind that Karl had reduced the value of one’s contribution down to the color of their skin — on national television.

Michigan Senate candidate John James is one example of black Americans backing Trump.

Appearing on Fox News, the West Point graduate and former Army Ranger told host Trish Regan over the weekend that the president’s “policies don’t have a race, but our president’s agenda is about elevating all Americans.”

“Too many people have died for me to have the right to think independently,” James said. “And I’m going to exercise that right to run as a conservative, to make sure that everybody can participate in the American dream regardless of what they look like.”

The veteran nailed in when describing the Democratic Party today.

“Some Democrats are using identity politics to peddle a brand of victim-hood and dependency that’s kept generations of people shackled to economic inopportunity.”



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