Boston Globe Calls On All Liberal Media Outlets To ATTACK TRUMP!

The Boston Globe has called for the coordinated publication of editorials by any and all news outlets criticizing President Trump’s rhetoric on the press, scheduled for next week.

They have asked a number news organizations to publish editorials condemning the president’s labeling of the press as “the enemy of the people.”

Marjorie Pritchard, who oversees the Globe’s editorial page, says dozens of newspapers have agreed so far to write their own editorials, according to the Associated Press.

The Globe’s decision comes as a response to the president’s increasingly hostile rhetoric towards many news organizations — what the Boston newspaper calls his “dirty war against the free press.” Trump has consistently called out specific news organizations like CNN and MSNBC.

“MSNBC is so corrupt and so disgusting. So disgusting. I would say almost worse, they are really a fake-news group of people,” Trump said during his rally in Ohio for GOP candidate Troy Balderson last week.

The editorials are scheduled to be published next Thursday, Aug. 16.

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